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Equipment package underwater hunter limited edition 2024

Equipment package underwater hunter limited edition 2024

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Perhaps our best package offer ever!

This equipment package is an upgrade of Norway's best-selling freediving package, with a premium wetsuit and equipment for underwater hunting.

The new Frivannsliv Eco7 freediving suit is among the softest on the market. It makes the suit comfortable to wear and makes it adapt to different body shapes very well!

Here you can make a bargain on an equipment package without wanting to upgrade your suit later.

Note: A limited number of packages available. The offer lasts while stocks last.

Are you looking for an equipment package for freediving without hunting equipment? See equipment package freediver limited edition 2024 .

NB: It is not possible to make changes to this package.

The equipment package contains:

Frivannsliv Eco 7mm is a brand new suit with first-class softness and strength - produced with the latest environmentally friendly techniques. The ECO suit is made 100% from recycled materials. It is a neoprene from, among other things, residues from production and recycled rubber (for used rubber tyres). The mix of the neoprene itself is 87% recycled polyester and 13% recycled spandex.

Socks: Frivannsliv® Native 7mm
New Frivannsliv sock in 7mm with supratex reinforcement. The inside is now a combination of nylon and open-cell. Under the foot and around the toes there is nylon so that you can walk steadily with the socks on land. On the top of the foot and above the ankle there is open-cell. This makes the sock warmer and much easier to put on and take off.

Gloves: Frivannsliv® Soft Grip 5mm
Shaped 5-finger glove in soft and durable neoprene. Frivannsliv Soft Grip neoprene gloves are almost a classic in freediving Norway, and have been a bestseller for many years.

Mask: Frivannsliv® Vision
Very thoroughly tested, and all parts are CE approved. Our best-selling mask, and it's no accident. This is a perfect mask for freediving and underwater hunting.

Snorkel: Frivannsliv® Flexi
Immortal snorkel from Frivannsliv that is soft and comfortable to swim with, you hardly notice it's there. - Guaranteed the best bite piece on the market! - Absolutely superb quality - Withstands everything, can be folded up

Freediving Fins: Frivannsliv® Hydrofins or Salvimar Speeder
Free water life Hydrofins has a soft and spacious foot pocket that is stiffened under the sole of the foot to improve the power transfer when swimming to the fin blade itself. The foot pocket also has a better fit for Norwegian foot sizes, and extends up to size 46-48. Are you tired of tight foot pockets that lead to poor blood circulation, cold feet and discomfort? Then this is the fin for you!

Salvimar Speeder is a brand new model from Italian Salvimar. A good and soft swimming foot intended for freediving, which has a good kick-off. With SPEEDER, you get good progress with minimal effort when kicking.

Lead belt: Elastic lead belt and 8 kg of lead .
How much lead you need depends on your weight, if you are unsure whether you will need to buy extra lead, you can read this article .

Buoy: Frivannsliv® freediving buoy basic
Simple standard buoy which is somewhat thicker compared to other unpadded buoys. Slides easily through the water, and has little wind resistance.

Frivannsliv® fishing net
Arguably the best fishing net available. Here you get top quality and functionality. Sink all your dreams of scallops, crabs, oysters and other delicacies from the seabed! D-ring in hard plastic (3.8 cm wide). D-ring with attachment has been factory tested to 95 kg pressure (kilograms-force) or 210.45 lbf (pound-force) before it smoked. In other words, the net can be bursting with heavy scallops and crabs without the attachment to the D-ring wearing out. This is a specially designed further development of the classic Scandinavian Model fishing net coined for UV hunting driven by freedivers. The net is 46 cm wide.
Fishing nets developed by Frivannsliv. The material is durable nylon, with a galvanized handle with a locking clip. Strong attachment hook makes it safe and easy to hang the net from the catch buoy. Easy to open/close, even with thick neoprene gloves and mittens. No netting that crabs and shells can get stuck in. The fishing net is very visible, both under and above water.

Frivannsliv® fishing and freediving line signal yellow, 15m
This line can be used in the same way as our popular fishing line, which is described further down the page. In addition to the product advantages of the fishing line, the yellow freediving line boasts these advantages: Is highly visible on the surface so that boaters can see you more easily, stiffer and thus even more comfortable to swim with without the risk of tangling, thicker and with high friction against wet gloves, can easily cut and spliced ​​(melted at 250 degrees on a melting plate), supplied with fishing stopper 2 meters from the buoy (prevents the catch from sinking after it has slipped behind the fishing stopper).

Belt hook
A belt hook is a short line used to attach the fishing net to the buoy or the fishing line to the lead belt. Easy to operate with gloves/mitts.

Harpoon: Frivannsliv® Predator 75
Our most affordable harpoon, but still only quality parts. Completely newly developed handle. Starter harpoon that gives you quality and precision for a reasonable price. The harpoon is handmade and thoroughly tested.

Knife: Frivannsliv® Razor
Precise and robust knife in solid 420 SS quality that is highly rust-resistant with normal maintenance. Little resistance in the water, perfect for use on the arm where the knife is easy to reach when the dream fish is in a secure grip. Total length: 18.5 cm, blade: 8.7 cm.

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