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OMER Black Stone 7mm wetsuit bottom

OMER Black Stone 7mm wetsuit bottom

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Top model in freediving suits from Italian OMER. Open cell on the inside, soft neoprene and super-elastic nylon on the outside. Very comfortable to wear. Omersub Black Stone 7mm has a new innovative camo pattern, a photographic imitation that alternates between extremely sharp areas (contrasts) and very unclear areas (dark shades). This gives a special three-dimensional camouflage effect. The trousers are high in the waist and sit comfortably. The hood cut is good and covers the face better than similar models (much thanks to the elasticity of the material).

Features and characteristics

  • Innovative three-dimensional camouflage
  • Perhaps the most stylish design on the market, after Frivannsliv Nordic obviously :)
  • Soft and comfortable neoprene, open cell inside and very elastic nylon on the outside
  • Two-piece freediving suit with trousers and jacket with beaver tail and fixed hood
  • The trousers are high in the waist and sit comfortably
  • Omersub calls it unisex, but we would say it has a typical men's cut. The elastic material still makes it better than most models (in terms of fitting well on a woman)

Important information:
Read this page before trying on your wetsuit to ensure you are using the correct technique for donning and undressing .

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