Havjegeren 2024 - Ratings and awards

A new year and a new round with the success Havjegeren! Let's start Havjegeren 2024.

On this page you will find selected awards and honors from Havjegeren 2024. Every month, the sea hunter of the month is chosen and sent the Havjegerkoppen ☕️. See the bottom of the page for an overview of point allocation in 2024.

We will highlight unique, special or particularly inspiring catches on this page, for common inspiration.

Do you want to read more about what Havjegeren is? You do that at this link.

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Points as of 1 March 2024

Underwater hunter


Pål Bierman Jørgensen


Severin Skattum


Raymond Iden Nilsen


Day Ove Hungnes


Ørjan Dyrnes


Joachim Tömt Kalberg


Michael Byø


Joakim Gusland


Do you want to see the results from 2023? You can find them here.

Sea hunter of the month February 2024 - Pål Bierman Jørgensen
Wow! It was a bit of a shock from the deep fjords in western Norway! A lovely bream! Congratulations on another victory as sea hunter of the month Pål! Sea hunter cup on its way to you!

Sea hunter of the month January 2024 - Day Ove Hungnes Almås
A great haddock is not the most common catch for an underwater hunter, but that didn't stop Dag Ove! Congratulations as the sea hunter of the month for January 2024. The sea hunter cup is on its way to a mailbox near you ☕️

Are you wondering what the Sea Hunter is? Watch this podcast where we tell more about the concept.