Freediving instructors

When you sign up for a freediving course at Frivannsliv, you are in safe hands. Our instructors always work to provide good experiences, educational courses, mastery and, not least, we want to have fun! Whether you want to experience the sea through free diving, become an underwater hunter or perhaps get started with underwater hunting? Then our courses are perfect for you.

Our instructors are certified by the Norwegian Diving Association and follow international guidelines for conducting courses in freediving.

Do you want to become an instructor in freediving? Contact.

  • Simon Wilberg

    Course manager Frivannsliv

    Active freediver and underwater hunter since 2000. One of the zealots behind Frivannsliv. Wants to make freediving a popular sport. The sea has so much to give and demands so little. Come along then!

  • Jon Andreas Bygstad

    Course manager West Norway

    Active freediver and underwater hunter since 2016. Love everything to do with the sea, I'm a man of the coast! I am also fond of people. Then it's perfect for me to take a course in freediving!

  • Martin Helseth

    Course manager Eastern Norway

    Olympic rower who finds peace in a stressful everyday sports life underwater. He could swim before he could walk and took his first freediving course before he was really old enough. He trained as an instructor and has been an instructor at frivannsliv since 2018. He is certified in apnea (competitive freediving), is a keen underwater hunter and organizes weekly clean-up campaigns in the Oslofjord, where the goal for 2022 is to raise 10 tonnes of marine waste from the seabed.

  • Sindre Hermannsen Lea

  • Melissa Granley

    CMAS Freediving Instructor

    I took my first freediving course in 2019, and have been hooked ever since. In 2020 I became a freediving instructor and today I am active in the club Spearos as a trainer for both children and adults. I am passionate about promoting safety and joy in the sea for everyone.

  • Bojan Djordjevic

    CMAS Freediving Instructor

    Active freediver since 2018. Loves the sea and the calm I find under the sea surface. I fell in love with apnea and the idea of ​​going deeper and deeper. Former professional basketball player. The last 17 years have worked as a 3D designer.

  • Lise Sirnes Aspenes

    Assistant instructor

    Exuberant, active lady who in 2020 discovered a new world underwater. Stortrives now as an assistant instructor where she can explore the underwater world together with others.

  • Stina Kornstad Nordahl

    Assistant instructor

    Have always loved the sea and all it has to offer. Actively started freediving in 2019 and haven't regretted it since! I usually live hectic days as a nurse, but always find peace when I'm freediving. Is also actively involved in Spearos Oslo and has taken an Apnea course in 2021.

  • Jørgen Grythe

    CMAS Freediving Instructor

    Since he joined Frivannsliv as an instructor in 2018, a few hundred students have had a live outdoor demonstration of how to put on the suit in the most effective way. Oslo-based southerner who uses his summer holidays to SUP-paddle out to reefs with his free-diving equipment. Is apnea certified in addition to instructor training, as well as developer of the diving app "Dykketreff" for iPhone.

  • Tommy Haga

    CMAS Freediving Instructor

    Active freediver and underwater hunter who is always on the lookout for new and exciting diving experiences. Has worked with people all his life, and spends an average amount of time running in the mountains.

  • Marius Beyer

    CMAS Freediving Instructor

    I have been part of the instructor team at Frivannsliv since 2016 and I am enjoying myself! I usually work as a carpenter and like to be an assistant on courses. Then I can help individuals and the main instructor with a good implementation.

  • Ted Ringerige

    CMAS Freediving Instructor

    Ted holds a course for Frivannsliv in the eastern region. He is also associated with the freediving club Spearos Oslofjord . Because currently busy cleaning up plastic and rubbish in the Oslo Fjord. Works on a daily basis with seabed documentation systems in the offshore industry.

    He has always loved freediving. Ever since he was 9 years old and saw the Luc Besson film The Big Blue in 1988 . Which is about freediving pioneers Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca. And all these years he has been diving as he learned in that film. With hyperventilation and many in and out breaths.
    A few YouTube clips later, he understood that everything he had learned from his childhood film from the 80s was dangerous. After taking a freediving course, he started as a freediving instructor for Østland's courses for open water life.

  • Ronny Syslak

    CMAS Freediving Instructor

    Ronny is an active freediver and UV hunter who has been doing this sport for over 40 years. Ronny also has the highest APNEA certificate. Ronny started as an instructor for Frivannsliv in 2018.

  • Ben-Terje Myhre

    CMAS Freediving Instructor

    Active free diver and underwater hunter. Has a hectic job in the construction industry, but ALWAYS finds peace underwater! Loves everything to do with the sea, but has an additional passion for underwater hunting and photography.

  • Alexander Nordahl

    CMAS Freediving Instructor

    Underwater photographer Aleksander has been diving for over 30 years but has a penchant for freediving and holds several courses a year. On his courses, you get to take part in several of his meetings below the surface. If you are in doubt as to whether freediving is for you, then you are not after the first video or picture he shows. The passion for freediving runs in the family and Aleksander often holds the courses together with his daughters.

  • Nadja Eilenberger

    I have been actively freediving since autumn 2021. Holding my breath when I dive gives me the feeling of being in control in a chaotic everyday life. Under water, I find that all the noise from inside and outside quiets down. I am a former competitive swimmer, and sometimes feel a bit like a fish. I want the course participants to experience a feeling of mastery underwater! Alongside freediving, I study medicine and am the mother of a small boy.

  • Elisabeth Tønnesen

    CMAS Freediving Instructor

    Active freediver and underwater hunter since 2007, loves the wonderful underwater world! Leader in Rogaland non-hunting and freediving club. Works as an advertising photographer on a daily basis and in recent years has taken the camera more under the surface. Brenner to hold courses for children.