Employees in Frivannsliv

So nice that you take the time to get to know us better here at Frivannsliv. As the years have gone by, we have grown to become a big family, both internally at Frivannsliv, but also among customers and suppliers. We are proud to be allowed to represent Frivannsliv externally, and we do our utmost to deliver both service, services and products as well as we can.

Pål Mortensen Customer manager

Harald Hjellum Store manager

Raymon Iden Nilsen Customer Service Manager

René Petterson Sales and dealer manager, specialist in Diving

Mathias Søvik Mjømen Logistics

Hans Martin Martinussen General manager

Kim Wøien Purchasing and product

Therese Waage Trefall Graphic design, market, purchasing

Simen Wilberg Operationally responsible