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Frivannsliv® junior 7 wetsuit

Frivannsliv® junior 7 wetsuit

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Frivannsliv ® 's brand new freediving suit is designed so that children can be in the sea all year round.

This is an open cell freediving suit in 7mm thick neoprene, and you have to use water with soap or an application agent to put it on. The suit has a good and covering hood cut, and thin cuffs on the arms and legs mean that you can adjust the length by cutting off a few centimeters if it gets too long. You can customize the hood opening in the same way. Knees and calves are reinforced with supratex to prevent wear.

The suit is made of highly elastic neoprene.

Size chart
J1 : Height 120-140, weight 20-35 kg
J2 : Height 140-150, weight 30-40 kg
J3 : Height 145-160, weight 45-55 kg

Does your child need more equipment? Consider our junior freediver kit that includes this wetsuit.

Important information about open-cell freediving suits for children

We do not recommend this type of suit if you as a parent/guardian do not have experience with Open-Cell wetsuits yourself. When children are going to use this type of wetsuit, it is important to make good arrangements for a good experience the first time the suit is put on. Here is a short list of instructions that are important to follow:

1. Make sure the entire inside of the suit is moistened with copious amounts of warm water and wet suit applicator or intimate soap. When using for the first time, you can exaggerate the mixing ratio so that the suit is extra slippery and slips on easily.

2. Start by putting on your trousers. Then have the child's back to your stomach and help the child put on the trousers and pull them up well.

3. Fold up the bottom part of the jacket. Then it is a shorter journey for the child through the suit. Check again that the entire inside of the suit is moistened with soap or application agent .

4. Stand in the same position as when you put on the trousers and start by getting both of the child's arms through the sleeves of the wetsuit.

5. Now the suit should be over the head and this is where it is important to do things calmly but firmly. The child takes a breath and holds their breath at the same time as they raise their arms above their head. Then they take their arms down at the same time as you help the child to get the head up through the neck of the suit and the mouth/nose to the face opening.

6. Now check that the trouser part is stretched as far up the crotch as possible and up onto the stomach/chest before you roll/work the upper part down over the trousers and fasten the crotch strap.

PS: We are very clear here so as not to risk the wrong technique when dressing and unfortunate experiences. For the vast majority of children, this is completely painless as long as they have a good helper by their side and gain good experience the first few times they put on the suit. On this page you will find the general guidance for donning a wetsuit .

Personal adaptations are possible
This suit has been developed so that one can make personal adjustments. Here are some of the things you can do to optimize the fit:

1. The trousers are high. That is, it goes way up on the chest. This is a big advantage for slim children as they get a snug layer of neoprene against the upper body under the jacket. If the trousers are too narrow in the upper part, the suit can be neatly cut and adjusted. For example, by cutting the suit at the stomach area.

2. Arms and legs have seamless ends and can be cut to the desired length.

3. Neck opening and hood are widened compared to previous models, but you can still widen it further by placing a ball inside the hood overnight (stretches the suit). It is also possible to increase the size of the facial opening with scissors. Remember to put a drop of glue on the seam if you cut across a seam in your adaptations.

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