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Freediving equipment package

Freediving equipment package

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In this equipment package, you get the equipment you need to get started with freediving as a year-round activity. The suit has been specially developed for Norwegian conditions by us at Frivannsliv, together with all other equipment in the freediving package. If you want a very good quality starter pack with the necessary equipment, this is a safe and good place to start.

If you want to bring a little more equipment such as a safety line, fishing net and an extra visible buoy, you can consider our recommended plus package.

Here you get high-quality equipment, 8 kg of lead and socks in 7 mm thickness. Important details for a year-round package for use in Norway. If the equipment does not fit, it is easy to change sizes.

Important information about the pricing of this package: Guide price refers to the regular retail price of individual products. During periods of sales and promotions, the retail price of individual products may be lower.

State your height, weight and shoe number when ordering, and we will find the right sizes for you. If something does not fit, there is a full right of exchange, provided that the equipment has only been tried on in the shower at home. NB: If one or more of the products in the package are sold out, they will be replaced by products of similar quality. If you want changes to the package, contact . Please note that changes to the package may affect the discount and price.


Suit: Frivannsliv Evo2 7mm in our freediving package - The best-selling suit for freediving in Norway. Thoroughly tested quality and our recommended suit model for anyone starting freediving.

Optional upgrade of suit (carries additional price): Cressi Lampuga 7mm wetsuit

Socks: Frivannsliv Native 7 mm
New Frivannsliv-sock in 7mm with Kevlar reinforcement. The inside is now a combination of nylon and open-cell. Under the foot and around the toes there is nylon so that you can walk steadily with the socks on land. On the top of the foot and above the ankle there is open-cell. This makes the sock warmer and much easier to put on and take off.

Gloves: Frivannsliv Soft Grip 5 mm
Shaped 5-finger glove in soft and durable neoprene. Soft Grip has a rubber coating that gives a very good grip and protects the glove against wear. The gloves have a practical cuff in closed-cell neoprene, which provides a secure water seal against the wetsuit. The glove is 5 mm thick and can be used as a year-round glove.

Mask: Frivannsliv® Vision
Frivannsliv® Vision is our best-selling mask, and it's no accident. It is perfect for freediving and underwater hunting, and has a low volume and a double seal against the skin. The mask is easy to take off and on in the water without leaking. It has highly resistant black silicone, a good viewing angle and a mask buckle with a press button on the side. This makes the elastic easy to adjust, and the mesh elastic itself is made of soft silicone. The mask is equipped with hard-wearing tempered double glass and is aerodynamically shaped so that it sits close to the face when diving. It has been very thoroughly tested, and all parts are CE approved! A guaranteed good buy!

Snorkel: Frivannsliv® Flexi
"Forever" snorkel with the best bite piece on the market. Soft and comfortable to swim with, you hardly notice it's there.

Freediving fins: Frivannsliv® Hydrofins or Salvimar Speeder
Frivannsliv Hydrofins have a soft and spacious foot pocket that is stiffened under the sole of the foot to improve the power transfer when swimming to the fin blade itself. The foot pocket also has a better fit for Norwegian foot sizes, and extends up to size 46-48. Are you tired of tight foot pockets that lead to poor blood circulation, cold feet and discomfort? Then this is the fin for you!

Salvimar Speeder is a brand new model from Italian Salvimar. A good and soft swimming foot intended for freediving, which has a good kick-off. With SPEEDER, you get good progress with minimal effort when kicking.

Lead belt: Frivannsliv® lead belt
Elastic lead belt with 8 kg (4 pieces of 2 kg weights).

How much lead you need depends on your weight, if you are unsure whether you will need to buy extra lead, you can read this article .

Buoy: Frivannsliv® freediving buoy basic
Simple standard buoy, but this is somewhat thicker compared to other unpadded buoys, and does not puncture as easily. The buoy slides easily through the water and has little wind.

Standard buoy line (free):
Safety in the sea must have top priority, which is why the package includes a free 4mm floating rope to attach between the lead belt and the buoy. We would recommend those who can afford it to buy a Signalgul fishing and freediving line .

Optional option (results in additional price) :

Upgrade to signal yellow catch and freediving line with belt hook , and get the best option for connection between you and the freediving buoy.
If you upgrade to a fishing line with a belt hook, you get a more solid and user-friendly line in the length that suits you best. The belt hook is attached to the belt, the line is attached to the belt hook and to the freediving buoy.

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