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Salvimar Tomahawk

Salvimar Tomahawk

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harpoon length.

New roller concept from Salvimar - and we are excited! This harpoon comes with a number of advantages while avoiding the downsides that come with most other roller harpoons. The Salvimar Tomahawk is a well-thought-out model from A to Z. Just see the list of features below. This is a harpoon you will love, and can be recommended to anyone who is familiar with harpoons before. In short, here you get a harpoon with extreme precision, very low recoil and good power.

  • Aircraft grade aluminium
  • Teflon-coated arrow track (dampens sound and friction during shots)
  • Adjustable hood
  • Attachment point for fishing line in acid-resistant steel
  • Heavy Load mechanism - can withstand a whopping 350kg!
  • Ergonomic handle (right handle attached, left handle included)
  • Unique elastic system that ensures high acceleration on the harpoon arrow, while the power is distributed over the entire length of the harpoon.
  • 1 x 16mm top knitting with duvet core. This knit ensures the transmission of power over the entire length of the harpoon tube.
  • 2 x 14mm bottom knitting. An essential part of the concept that ensures strong acceleration immediately after the trigger (as on standard harpoons).
  • 7.5mm harpoon arrow in hardened steel
  • Charging assistant included. See tips further down for alternative charging.
  • Attachment point for shock absorber on the right side of the harpoon head (prevents the shock absorber from coming into conflict with the elastics).
  • Large line release - makes it easy to thread the harpoon line.

Important information: Legislation on underwater hunting and the use of harpoons

During our tests of the Salvimar Tomahawk, we also measured the impact power of the harpoon. A Salvimar Tomahawk 95 delivers similar results to a standard carbon harpoon of 115cm with a 2x16mm harpoon tip.

See video from Fosnstraumen with Salvimar Tomahawk - Precise shot at cod from the surface

Watch video from our shooting tests with the Salvimar Tomahawk - Notice the low recoil and the high speed of the arrow. No throw in the arrow or irregularities to be seen.

User tips:

Charging help: If you don't like having the charging helper with you in the sea (which comes with it) 👉 Put on an extra dynamo strap that is quite a bit longer than the one that is already on. Then you get a nice loop that you can grab onto when you need to load the harpoon. Flipps, the charging assistant is redundant 😀 See product picture no. 5. This is not standard, but a user tip from us at Frivannsliv.

Order of charging

  1. Attach the one red elastic on the underside of the notch closest to the harpoon head
  2. Place the black knit on the rear shark fin.
  3. Load the last red knit on the underside.

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