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Salvimar Predator

Salvimar Predator

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harpoon length.

Are you looking for a compressed air harpoon that withstands tough use and does not need maintenance? Then Salvimar Predathor is the right choice. Supplied in 40cm and 75cm. Here you get a compressed air harpoon that is precise and solid, with a robust and good design. The handle fits perfectly in the hand and the fuse is easy to operate.

NB: The harpoon is now supplied with monoline, not dynema.

Features and characteristics

  • For 7mm diameter skewers
  • Diameter of inner chamber (made of aluminium) is 13mm
  • The harpoon is made of fiberglass reinforced with nylon
  • Extra wide tip for increased speed when the spear is fired. This gives better power and precision.

Important information: Legislation on underwater hunting and the use of harpoons

Before use!

Read the manual carefully and especially the section on charging, pumping it up and ATM (atmospheric pressure). The harpoon must never have a pressure of more than 30 bar, as this can both damage the harpoon itself or cause accidents. If you are not sure what the pressure in your compressed air harpoon is, release a little excess pressure or use a manometer to measure.

The manual also states how many pump pressures the model (according to length) needs before it has reached the desired amount of shots. You can fire multiple shots without having to re-pump between each shot and the spear is charged simply by feeding it into the tip of the harpoon again (even underwater).

Compressed air harpoons in Norway

In Norway, compressed air harpoons are rarely used for traditional underwater hunting. If you are looking towards Russia or into Europe, this type of harpoon is preferred when you are hunting in places with poor visibility, poor accessibility or when you want to make as little noise as possible in the water. In Norwegian conditions, hunting for pike or escaped farmed fish are the most common areas of use.

An air harpoon is charged by pushing the arrow into the harpoon tube. The arrow will then push a piston backwards towards a compressed air chamber. This type of harpoon makes very little noise and vibrations in the water compared to a string harpoon.

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