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JBL Euro Woody harpoon

JBL Euro Woody harpoon

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Harpoon length

Quality harpoon from JBL. Here, JBL has put together a harpoon with the perfect balance between power, weight and balance in the water.

NB: The JBL harpoons are somewhat shorter than other harpoon models with a corresponding stated length.

JBL's Euro series is designed to be easily maneuverable in the water with its angular sides, while still having enough mass and stiffness to limit recoil and arrow throw. Please note that JBL names harpoon lengths somewhat differently, a JBL 120 harpoon corresponds to what we in Norway refer to as a 110 harpoon.

The harpoon is made with beautiful and solid details. Here you don't have to be uncertain about longevity, because you can take this harpoon with you into the sunset.

The trigger is a dream. Even with a lot of power, it flows smoothly until the shot goes off. The harpoon will not move due to a heavy pull, and fish will not react to your pulling.

Supplied with 2 x 16mm JBL-NITRO harpoon string. These have been tested in ice-cold water by us at Frivannsliv, and they stay just as vigorous regardless of the temperature. In contrast to Riffe and other suppliers' elastics, which clump and lose all strength in cold water.

The fuse is simple and ingenious. It is easy to operate and works by a block that drops down behind the trigger. Highly visible and reliable. Easy to operate.

The handle is slightly angled, and with a nice distance to the trigger.

The harpoon dart is 7mm hardened steel with two shark fins. The barb is on the underside of the arrow.

The harpoon is delivered fully assembled with shock absorber with quick coupling (professionally assembled).

Looking for a harpoon that can become your permanent hunting companion? Here it is.

Important information: Legislation on underwater hunting and the use of harpoons


Harpoon length: 135cm

Harpoon length including arrow: 160cm

Stretch length harpoon knit: 105cm

Harpoon arrow: 145cm

Euro Series Features:

Solid African Mahogany CNC machined barrel

Integrated full spearshaft track for maximum accuracy

Hand straightened and tuned 17-4 9/32″ heat treated stainless steel spearshaft with shark fin load tabs

Powered by 5/8″ Elite Nitro Bands with triple core Spectra wishbones

Integrated open muzzle with shockline directly attached to shaft

Fully chamfered barrel for improved sweeping and tracking

Silent operation

Positively buoyant (without shaft loaded)

M8 three piece trigger mechanism with lifetime warranty

Ergonomic 45° honeycomb handle

Comfortable load pad

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