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Frivannsliv® Tactical Carbon Premium

Frivannsliv® Tactical Carbon Premium

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harpoon length.

The most professional harpoon - Now in a premium version. This is supplied with a brand new fully cast carbon harpoon tube.

Now the arrow groove itself and part of the carbon tube. This model is also supplied with a new harpoon head with room for three elastics if desired.

The harpoon tube is designed so that water can pass between the harpoon arrow and the harpoon tube at the front and back of the harpoon (see product image). This gives less resistance in the water when you move the harpoon sideways, typically when aiming at a fish swimming by.

Light and precise harpoon for those who want 100% quality. With a carbon harpoon, you get a harpoon that delivers top quality across the board. The harpoon tube is light and makes the harpoon neutral in the water. The harpoon tube is strong enough to withstand many strokes if you wish, without the harpoon tube tilting like long aluminum harpoons do. The longest models have a very long range and precision on long shots.

As on all Frivannsliv harpoons, we have fitted a tuna clip (hook) in acid-proof steel under the handle, so that you can easily attach your fishing line/catch line securely to the harpoon. You will then be able to release the harpoon without worry after shooting the big fish!

Comes with:
• 2 x 16mm rubber bands
• 7mm thick arrow with three shark fins (one in the middle of the arrow for easy loading)
• Narrow harpoon tube for easy maneuvering under water.
• Adjustable trigger mechanism
• Open harpoon head (no obstacles affecting precision)
• Arrow grooves along the entire length of the harpoon for maximum precision.
• Mechanism, trigger and line release in stainless steel.
• Arrow in hardened stainless steel with three shark fins, one in the middle of the arrow for easy loading.
• Spare handles for links are included.
• Safe and easy-to-operate slide protection.

Important information: Legislation on underwater hunting and the use of harpoons

As with all our harpoons, it is handmade and pressure tested against leaks. The mechanism has been tested to hold over 500kg! The elastics have been tested and can lift over 200kg and can be stretched to six times their own length! It is more than you can handle, much more than the harpoon length allows and gives you extra security during use.

Spare parts and maintenance equipment
There are several parts on your harpoon that must be considered wearing parts and they should be replaced regularly. It is incredibly bitter that the harpoon does not work as it should on the day the dream fish swims by. We have made an overview of what you need for the various harpoon models. A big advantage of Frivannsliv harpoons is that spare parts are available from our warehouse.

See our overview of spare parts here

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