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ONLY X-Mission Evolution Tech Dry dry suit size L

ONLY X-Mission Evolution Tech Dry dry suit size L

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Outlet: Drysuit in size L, shoes in size 2XL.

X-Mission Evolution is an upgraded version of the X-Mission suit for BARE. It came on the market in 2019. In short, the dry suit has been significantly upgraded with even more durable material, which is extremely robust without affecting the mobility of the fabric. The suit also recently won the award for best suit by the renowned German magazine "Tauchen" - read the article here

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A lightweight and solid drysuit with nylon micro Ripstop material - perfect for technical diving and demanding conditions with cold water. This innovative suit uses the most advanced technical materials and production methods, and has been developed in collaboration with a team of cave divers and technical divers.

Delivered completely finished with braces, 2 large pockets, "tech boots", Apeks valves (low on outlet valve). In other words, the suit is completely packed, without any typical additions (which usually increase the price).

The drysuit is suitable for both recreational sports divers who want the best, or divers who do advanced technical cave diving, wreck diving, etc.

Like all BARE suits, it has a 7-year warranty on seams and factory work, as well as a 2-year warranty on the fabric!

PS! The X-Misson Evolution is also available as a women's model. Contact Us.

Features and characteristics

* Completely new material (2019) - extremely flexible Nylon Micro RipStop Trilaminate which is both light in weight and extremely robust

* Significantly more durable than an ordinary BARE X-Mission, which is already an absolute top model

* Weight of the fabric - 395 grams per square meter

* 2mm nylon / smoothskin collar on the outside of the neck cuff, vent in the neck and optimal sealing against ONLY drysuit hoods

* Low profile Apeks valves

* The upper body, as well as arms and legs are anatomically shaped to fit the body perfectly

* Low profile front zip, with extra zip on the outside for extra protection. Feels completely natural and does not build

* Reinforced area on the inside where typical heating systems are to be connected

* Extra protection (M-PADZ) at the back of the back where the back plate and rigging will often snag on the suit

* X-Mission Evolution comes with Tech boots, as well as 2 large Tech pockets (which can be expanded).

* The new Tech pockets are new for 2019 and are equipped with 5 bungee cords (3 regular and 2 thick)

* All critical points/joints on the dry suit for wear are now reinforced with double tape, which is super flexible.

* All seams are made with 2 needles and "felled seam", which strengthens the seams considerably and gives a more low-profile and clean look.

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