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ONLY Commercial HD Pro Dry size XL

ONLY Commercial HD Pro Dry size XL

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Outlet : Black suit with reflex, size XL. Shoes in size 2XL. N ecktie, antares, kevlar arm pads.

The Commercial HD Pro Dry is made from BARE's proven "Heavy Duty Nylon Trilaminate" material and has a track record for use in harsh environments.

In Norway, BARE's Commercial shell suits have also been in service with many professional diving companies over the years.

The HD Pro Dry is a suit for all seasons, offering comfort and the ability to dress for a wide range of water temperatures. With BARE's famous seam strength and extra reinforcement in wear areas, this suit provides good operational safety.

This suit and the rest of BARE's dry suits for professional diving received major upgrades throughout 2018-2019. Thicker and softer material, reinforced seams, wider tape and new adhesive combinations that provide more durability.

See complete size chart here .

Features and characteristics

  • Solid YKK metal zip over the back with an inner "flap" in neoprene that provides extra protection. Zipper can also be upgraded to Heavy Duty metal. External extra protective zip outside the zip itself can also be installed at extra cost, so that you have double protection
  • 2mm smootskin/nylon warm collar provides extra protection, comfort and insulation. With a valve in the front so that excess water flows out. This solution also provides optimal sealing against BARE's drysuit hoods
  • Internal vent on chest that can be rotated 360 degrees. Can be supplied with INT or CEJN nipple. The standard position is in the middle of the chest, which can be moved as desired
  • Adjustable vent in low profile on the left upper arm as standard location. Here, both Apeks/Si Tech valves can be delivered and the location can be changed
  • Heavy Duty latex cuffs (bottle neck) as standard. Here, both conical or neoprene cuffs can be supplied as an alternative to the suit. Not least, it is possible to have various types of ring system fully assembled at the factory
  • Pre-assembled fasteners on the inside for suspenders (can be purchased separately)
  • Extra long K-PADz Kevlar protection on knees and lower legs for extra protection. 1mm neoprene padding on the inside for extra cushioning and comfort
  • On the shoulders there is also extra K-PADz Kevlar padding, which protects the suit and material from wear and tear from the harness and various types of shoulder straps
  • "2-needle "felled seam" construction" on all seams, provides extra durability and not least protection on the outside. All seams are also glued on the inside with extra wide tape
  • Certain areas of the suit and certain parts of the seams are extra reinforced on the inside. In critical areas that often undergo extra wear and tear, such as around the arms and in the crotch
  • Your choice of standard HD boots , elastic Tech boots , neoprene socks for use as work shoes or Trek/Force boots or HD boots with steel toe
  • Logos, names, service numbers, etc. can be printed on suits for an additional cost. Reflective tags or tape can also be attached to the suit or hood
  • It is also possible to have a fixed hood installed, or a ring system in the neck and even a fixed latex hood.
  • Possibilities for extra pockets, pockets for tools, pocket for a knife or ruler, etc.

In general, an extremely large amount can be changed on the suits, depending on the customer's wishes and needs. Just get in touch. There are many companies and diving services that have "custom" suits from BARE.

Sizes, options, warranty and material

The material is a unique and durable trilaminate consisting of nylon, butyl rubber and nylon trilaminate

BARE has a 1-year guarantee on the material itself on all professional suits, zips also have a 1-year guarantee. There is also an extended guarantee on all seams, and if necessary delamination. Suits can also be reinforced and repaired at BARE at discounted prices.

The Commercial HD Pro suit can be delivered in all black or red

16 standard sizes available, S - 3XL, (MLS, LS, XLS, 2XLS), (MT, MLT, LT, XLT) + options for full tailoring (Made to Measure) and customization or measurements. It is, for example, no problem to lengthen legs or expand the upper body of a standard size for an extra fee.

The suit is supplied with suit hose (INT or CEJN), suit bag, user manual, bag of talcum powder and information on warranty. Dry suit hood must be purchased separately.

Here you can see the Commercial HD Pro in black with the Frøy logo on the upper arm and specifications according to the customer's wishes:

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