5 grunner til å begynne med fridykking

5 reasons to start freediving

By: Ida Strand

1. Experience an underwater world

Freediving offers the opportunity to explore an underwater world.

You get to experience flora and fauna that is different from what you see on land. Both young and old can get to know new species and let themselves be fascinated by life in the sea. The colorful blue steelhead, various species of starfish, sea urchins and crabs. Cod and flounder, sea anemones and seaweed. Well protected by the suit, you can get close to nature underwater.



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2. Recreation, excitement, health

When you free dive, you use your whole body. You swim to places you want to see, you let yourself sink. You use your senses. Those who hunt experience the excitement when a large fish enters their field of vision and approaches the range of the harpoon. The joy when the catch can be pulled in. Without a harpoon, it is exciting just to observe all life. Perhaps fill the fishing net with edible shells, crabs and nutritious seaweed. You can collect or just enjoy. Soak up the impressions and feel the joy of a break from stress and boredom. Enjoy the silence, the light, nature underwater.

Photo: Michael Byø


3. Out all year round

As on land, underwater life changes with the seasons, which is why diving is exciting all year round. While the kelp forest is larger and the fish more numerous in summer, you get clearer water and better visibility throughout autumn and winter. Autumn is often a good time for those who do underwater hunting. Then the fish still haven't retreated to deeper water, and visibility is clear and good. A rainy day on land can be a beautiful day for freediving. With simple but good equipment you can dive all year round. The freediving suits have an open-cell surface on the inside which, unlike water sports suits, means that the suit does not let water in. This is what allows you to spend hours in the water and dive all year round without freezing.

Photo: Aleksander Nordahl @freedivingnorway

7 mm is the most common thickness of wetsuits for Norwegian waters . Then the suit is normally not too warm in the summer, and you can supplement it with a singlet if you need it in the winter. Frivannsliv also sells suits in 9 mm for those who will be diving a lot in the winter and wet suits in 5 mm . As a specialist in freediving, we have all the equipment you need.

4. Community

With a group of friends, a mate or girlfriend, as a couple or family . There is a lot of good community around diving. Some plan the trip, areas they want to experience, places they expect to find different types of fish or shells, where there is a current or a sandy bottom. Maybe you go on diving trips, rent a cabin and enjoy yourself together in the evenings, with the day's catch on the grill or in the oven.

Some people take their children or a friend to the nearest beach or quay one afternoon after work and see what they find. Looking for treasures, discovering strange things, animals you didn't know existed. In summer you can enjoy long days at the water's edge.

Diving tends to bring people together. Invite a friend or join a freediving club if you want more people to dive with.

5. Learn something new - experience mastery

It's good to challenge yourself once in a while. In freediving, it's about you and your surroundings, your breath, your pulse and your senses. Everyone starts at their own level. You hold your breath as long as you want and gradually it gets easier. Small dives can turn into longer trips as you feel confident. There is no oxygen tank to look after, you dive with the air you have in your lungs, and ascend when you want, which also reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. You also don't have to dive very far to experience a lot. In Norway, there is a rich life just below the surface of the sea. It also doesn't take long before you feel the tingling sensation when you suddenly float weightlessly over the kelp forest.

Photo: Aleksander Nordahl @freedivingnorway

Get started - equipment and courses

Do you want to start freediving? Order an equipment package and register for a free webinar .

The equipment in an equipment package consists of:
Suit with hood - open cell inside
Gloves and socks
Snorkel and diving mask
Webbed feet
Lead belt and lead
Freediving line and freediving buoy

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