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Zone 3

Zone3 swimming gloves, neoprene

Zone3 swimming gloves, neoprene

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In the past, swimming gloves have almost been a problem, as they quickly fill up like a balloon with water while swimming. This has meant that many in triathlon and sea swimming prefer to swim without(!)

Zone 3 does indeed have the solution, with an extended glove that you place well outside (or inside) the suit. Then neither air nor water gets into the opening during the session.

The swimming gloves from Zone 3 provide good insulation when swimming in open water, and as you often feel the cold first on your hands too, such gloves are a good investment.

Because apart from swimming, the gloves can be used for everything from snorkelling to water sports and paddling.

Features and characteristics

  • Swimming glove with a unique design. Extra long cuff that ensures an extra good seal between glove and suit
  • No water or unnecessary air penetrates
  • 2mm soft and elastic neoprene, where the type of material is specially chosen to be both comfortable, while also feeling tight and good on the hands
  • Layer with good grip on the inside of the glove, which gives a stable and good feeling in the water
  • Designed to provide a fit where the fingers feel loose, and not stuck together while swimming
  • A product you should definitely have in your swimming bag, and can be used all year round
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