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Equipment package Junior 8 - 16 years

Equipment package Junior 8 - 16 years

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It's about giving the children good experiences. Let them feel mastery, excitement, joy and security through comfortable equipment in the correct size. What is better than taking them into the incredible world of the sea? The bustling life just below the sea surface will enchant and provide a magical experience together with family and friends.

NB: The suit in this equipment package can be used by children from around 25 kg and 132 cm in height and up to approx. 64 kg and 170 cm in height.

In this equipment package, you get everything the child needs to discover the joy of snorkeling and freediving. The equipment package contains a soft and comfortable 7mm semi-dry wetsuit with fixed hood, gloves, socks, mask, snorkel and flippers. This is an equipment package that is perfect for those of you who want to let the children splash around on the beach, by the boathouse or in exciting places along our coast. The equipment can and is used for water play, a great way to extend the swimming season. NB: The socks and gloves in this package may be large for the smallest children. They still have a good heating effect.

User tip: Take some hot water with you when you're on a trip. If you want to have a break on land in dry clothes, you can fill the suit with warm water before going into the sea again, then the suit is warm and comfortable to wear.

State the child's height, weight and shoe number when ordering and we will find the right equipment for your child. If there is a particular color that is preferred, you can mention it (colours vary on the various products). If it doesn't fit, you still have the right to exchange and return . Before letting the children use the snorkel it is important to read this document .

Important information about the pricing of this package: Guide price refers to the regular retail price of individual products. During periods of sales and promotions, the retail price of individual products may be lower.

Products in this equipment package:

ONLY Manta 7mm semi-dry wetsuit

Wet socks 5mm (can vary in model)

Wet gloves 5mm (can vary in model)

Cressi Rondinella flippers

Junior mask (adjusted according to the child's age)

Junior snorkel (adapted according to the child's age)

Options: Lead belt and lead weights

If you want the child to be able to dive under water, a bit of lead and a lead belt are needed to counteract buoyancy in the wetsuit. When ordering lead and belt together with the package, you also get a package discount of 20% off these items.

Indicative calculation of lead:

Size 8 years: 3kg lead
Size 10 years: 4kg lead
Size 12 years: 5kg lead

You must float even with lead on your body.
PS: Freediving buoy and line are not included in this equipment package.

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