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Morten Rosenvold Villadsen

Underwater hunting

Underwater hunting

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Book from underwater hunter Morten Rosenvold Villadsen

Denmark is probably Norway's little brother when it comes to underwater hunting, but Denmark has enough coasts, wrecks and rock reefs for a lifetime of exploration and plenty of fish in species that are more unusual further north.

Underwater hunting by Morten Rosenvold Villadsen is the primer on Danish underwater hunting, which guides new underwater hunters and inspires the experienced ones. The book provides concrete guidance for equipment, seasons, fish species and the important basic rules - also tips for collecting seaweed, lobsters and clams.

It is richly illustrated with great photos, showing fishing techniques and the wide variety of localities and terrain.

Along the way, the author shares his personal experiences and stories from a life below the surface. Including a series of adventurous journeys across the Atlantic Ocean, in the tropical Pacific Ocean, under icebergs in Greenland and in close combat with the world's largest flatfish in Northern Norway.

Morten Rosenvold Villadsen is the Danish spearfishing champion and has previously published Hold the weather - a book about free diving (2014).

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