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OMER Slalom snorkel

OMER Slalom snorkel

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Elegant and nice snorkel from OMER. Curves nicely around the head so that it does not get caught in the line. This snorkel also has a smaller mouthpiece than the other typical standard snorkels for freediving.

ATTENTION! OMER does not have a snorkel holder on this snorkel(!) See silicone snorkel holder .
(This is a very soft and good snorkel holder).

Omersub Slalom is definitely one of the more unique snorkels on the market. Hydrodynamic as it follows the shape of the head in a natural way. This also makes it good for swimming in the sea. It also "sticks out" less, when you have to pass underwater places inside crevices, caves, wrecks or other narrow areas while freediving.

The shape of the snorkel also means that minimal water from waves and sea gets into the snorkel when you are lying on the surface.

Features and characteristics

  • Unique design
  • Hydrodynamic and ergonomic
  • Snorkel for freediving, underwater hunting, snorkeling and swimming in the sea
  • OMER Slalom is designed in 2 different materials, so as to achieve rigidity along the middle and more flexibility at the tip
  • Snorkel holder not included
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