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Shearwater Research

Shearwater Nerd 2 EXT

Shearwater Nerd 2 EXT

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Shearwater NERD 2 EXT Fischer
Keep your eyes on your dive, not on your dive computer.

Tested on rebrathers.
Desired by the recreational diving market.

The first near-eye display for divers has been redesigned for increased flexibility and reliability. In addition to the DiveCAN and Fischer (EXT) editions, open system divers can now experience the freedom NERD 2 offers.

The universal valve mount allows the user to attach the NERD 2 in the field of vision, while at the same time diving with the security of knowing the necessary information about the dive, with just a quick glance at the screen.

The combination of the Micro LCD screen and the magnifying lens, the information from NERD 2 is experienced as if you were looking at a 25" screen at a distance of 4 metres.

• Rechargeable battery
• Compact new design
• Two-button user control
• 1000 hours dive log

NERD 2 Fischer plug for rebreathers.

NERD 2 DiveCAN plug for rebreathers.

Many different mounting options
Rechargeable battery, long dive time. Stated for a minimum of 18 hours on a charge with medium brightness. Charging time 4 hours Charger clips on and is waterproof. USB cable, which can be connected to the included power bank or any USB port. The included Power bank can charge NERD 2 a total of 5 times.

Different dive modes

OC Recreational diving
3 different nitrox gases with adaptations for the diving enthusiast who takes diving seriously. Possibility of integration with a pressure transmitter

OC Technical diving
Trimix is ​​automatically available
Possibility of integration with a pressure transmitter

Rebreather / Bailout
Trimix available
5 different gases for closed system / 5 different gases for open system
Fixed PPO2 for rebreathers
Possibility of integration with a pressure transmitter, both for diluent, oxygen and bailout gases.

External monitoring
Real-time monitoring of PPO2 with 1 to 3 oxygen cells.
Also includes semi-closed rebreathers.

Digital compass
Option to display 3-axis, tilt-compensated digital compass
Available in all modes.

Bottom timer
Depth, time, stopwatch function
Full dive logging
Possibility of integration with a pressure transmitter. Will appear in the information screen.

Simple and full of power

All information available in the field of vision, with just a brief glance.

Two button user control

Digital compass
Option to display 3-axis, tilt-compensated digital compass. Available in all modes.

AI Function
Option to show tank pressure in all modes. Pressure transmitter sold separately.

Possibilities for assembly
2 holes below allow for customized mounting solutions and are compatible with NERD 1 mounting.

Bluetooth wireless transmission
This allows you to transfer dive logs and update software wirelessly with both PC, Mac and phones with lower power consumption.

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