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DEMO: Picasso Shadow 7mm

DEMO: Picasso Shadow 7mm

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NB: The lot we have inside has been shown to sometimes have glues that open, therefore we sell these suits at over half price and where 1 tube of neoprene glue is included. There is also some compression damage to the suits. This is easy to fix yourself ->

This is a product that is always on offer, which means that the discount is fixed regardless of ongoing campaigns.

ATTENTION! No guarantee or return on these suits.

Picasso 7mm Shadow is made with Yamamoto 39 quality. Open-Cell inside, and Lycra/Nylon outside which both provides a durable suit and a slightly smoother outside.

Picasso Shadow has a completely new cut and design, which provides an optimal fit. The knees and chest (loading plate) are reinforced with SupraTex, which provides extra protection without going beyond the stretch of the neoprene. The charging plate is also thicker than normal, good for those of you who find it uncomfortable to charge the harpoon against the chest.

7mm jacket (with beaver tail with 2 fasteners) with fixed hood combined with 7mm trousers (low cut).

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