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Omer Stingray Short flipper

Omer Stingray Short flipper

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Short version of Omersub's classic Stingary fins. The fins are 11 cm shorter than the original. The foot blade itself is 60 cm and the entire flipper is 79 cm long. Stingray short has medium stiffness and is perfect for women, juniors or just those who prefer slightly shorter feet.

Apart from the fact that the foot blade is shorter, the flippers are exactly the same in both foot pocket, sizes and materials as on the "longer" original . The difference between the regular Stingray and the short version is also well illustrated in the product images.

OMER Stingray

The OMER Stingray fins are characterized by the good soft foot pocket in thermo rubber and the angle between the foot pocket and the blade. The use of thermo rubber in two different stiffnesses increases comfort over normal foot pockets. The special angle between the foot pocket and blade on the Stingray is 22 degrees, and exactly that angle is the optimal maximum effect in each fin kick in relation to the amount of force you use.

The good foot pocket of the OMER Stingray is the only one we have found on the market next to our own Frivannsliv fins that is actually big enough for 7mm socks, and not least wide enough for Nordic feet. It is also a big advantage that they go all the way up to size. 50(!) in size, which is completely unique among freediver feet.

Frivannsliv strongly recommends Stingray. Perfect for Norwegian conditions and feet!

Features and characteristics

  • Spacious and soft foot pocket in thermo-rubber that molds to the foot
  • Fantastic fit
  • 22 degree angle on the fin blade (provides maximum effect)
  • The foot blade is designed in quality polypropylene hard plastic
  • Optimized through several years of testing
  • Replaceable blades (we have loose foot blades in stock)
  • Available in a total of 6 sizes (from 39-50)
  • Upgrading to carbon blades or composite is possible

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