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OMER neoprene "tang", mask accessory

OMER neoprene "tang", mask accessory

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Camouflage to attach to the diving mask, shaped to represent seaweed and algae. Very easy to attach to the mask and just as easy to take off (if you don't want to look like a Predator every time you go diving). Covering the face completely with the camouflage pliers allows for more effective underwater hunting. If you have always dreamed of hair extensions, but don't dare go to the hairdresser, we have the solution here :)

If you don't catch fish, you can at least take some bad ass photos from the diving trip ;)

Used for very popular hunting technique in Italy called "Aspetto", which directly translated means to attack. In principle, you should sneak up on the fish unnoticed and quickly, then pull the harpoon off before it sees you. A technique that is quickly becoming very relevant in Norway with all the kelp forests we have along the coast. Below we have pasted a video that explains more about "Aspetto".


32 x 11cm

Read more about the Italian form of "Aspetto" diving here:

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