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Frivannsliv® Native 5mm supratex neoprene socks

Frivannsliv® Native 5mm supratex neoprene socks

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5mm Native neoprene sock with supratex reinforcement, particularly suitable for freediving in the summer.

NB: You must use soapy water or water added application agent to get this sock on.

The inside of the sock is now a combination of nylon and open-cell. Under the foot and around the toes there is nylon so that you can walk steadily with the socks on land. On the top of the foot and above the ankle there is open-cell. This makes the sock warmer and much easier to put on and take off.

With open-cell around the ankle, you also get the best solution for waterproofing. The wetsuit is placed over the wet sock, and the entire foot is covered with Open-cell neoprene.

On the outside of the sock is a new and further reinforced supratex sole. This can withstand more wear and tear, while the Kevlar now extends around the toes and up behind the heel. The neck of the sock is covered with traditional nylon. This means that you can safely pull on the sock to put it on without being afraid of tearing the soft cuffs as we see on other models.

If you are looking for a slightly warmer 7mm version of the sock, you can find it here ->

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Water-based glue
600g of chemicals saved per costume
The laminating adhesive is now water-based and is thus free of solvents (VOC).

72% CO2 reduction
The neoprene in our suits contains a lot of recycled material, including rubber tires (gives approx. 72% less CO2 emissions).

Elimination of tar substances
New formula virtually replaces all the tar substances in the neoprene (PAH).

Limestone instead of petrochemicals
The neoprene in our suits contains limestone extracted from limestone mines. This replaces petrochemicals and produces less emissions.

A more environmentally friendly dyeing of textiles
Our textiles are dyed in a resource-saving way ("Dope dyed") and this saves 104 L of water per kg of fabric compared to other techniques. The colors in the fabric are highly UV resistant.

105 L of water saved per kg fabric, 26% carbon footprint saved per kg fabric

45 plastic bottles = fabric for a wetsuit
The nylon is knitted with polyester yarn made from plastic bottles.

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