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McNett / Gear Aid

McNett Black Witch neoprene glue

McNett Black Witch neoprene glue

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McNett Black Witch™ is a special adhesive for neoprene products, and is without a doubt the best known and most used on the market. (McNett Black Witch™ was formerly McNett Seal Cement).

Black Witch™ works very well on tears and small holes, and the damage is glued in a short time. After gluing, the neoprene will be as elastic as before.

- Water proof
- Strong
- Very flexible
- Durable surface (once the glue has hardened)
- Suitable for most materials

How to use the glue
If you have a small tear or a small hole in the neoprene, fill in glue so that the surface is smooth and let it dry for 30-60 minutes. If the tear or hole is slightly larger, apply glue along the edges, let the surface dry for a couple of minutes and press the surfaces together for about a minute. Give the glue time to harden afterwards.

Packaging & Environment
McNett Black Witch™ comes in a tube of 28 grams. At Frivannsliv we are not fond of unnecessary packaging, and therefore we only have McNett Black Witch™ available in loose tubes. It should be said that the product can also be obtained in a plastic blister pack to hang on a peg in the shop. If you order 25 pieces, they will be delivered in a nice cardboard box that can be used as a store display on the counter.

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