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Line extension for freediving lines and bungee lines

Line extension for freediving lines and bungee lines

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Here comes the latest addition to our popular series of line products for freediving - a multifunctional line extender in two variants.

Line extension with fishing stop (190 cm) and line extension without fishing stop (250 cm) . Both lines are fitted with a stiffened part at one end (fishing rod) to easily thread the catch onto the line. See product images for more details.

With a line extender you can, among other things:

  • Increase the length of your line rig
  • Combine with a bungee line for a rigid line by your body and fish samples by the buoy.
  • Connect the line extension with fishing stopper at the buoy
  • Use the line extender as a fishing noose that you carry the fish with after the hunt is over and you are going back to the car.

Our recommended setup from the buoy down to you as a bungee freediver:

  1. Line extender with fishing stopper (protects the bungee against sharp fish teeth)
  2. Bungee line 5 or 10 meters
  3. Line extender without fishing stop.

With this setup you get the best of both worlds.

  • A line rig that is visible at the buoy and for you as a free diver.
  • A line rig that is braced so that it doesn't tangle around your legs
  • The fish you catch must not be threaded onto the bungee line anymore, and thus the fish teeth do not damage the bungee line.
  • Short line rig that keeps the buoy close, but you can still dive to the desired depth.

Example of when setting up with a 5 meter bungee line that extends x 3:

5 meter bungee line with two line extenders gives you a maximum diving depth of 18.4 metres. (15m+2.5m-1.9m=18.4m).

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