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Spare Air

Heed 3 helicopter evacuation, HABD

Heed 3 helicopter evacuation, HABD

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Heed 3 is a well-known HABD unit for helicopter evacuation and evacuation from vehicles or boats in general. HEED stands for Helicopter Emergency Egress Device and the emergency air cylinder is manufactured by American Submersible Systems. Products are CE approved.

Heed 3 is compact, light in weight, safe and easy to use. The product is designed to increase the survivability of military and commercial personnel in short-term emergencies.

This product is also available in a separate version with hose and second stage (with nozzle) , where it can be supplied with two different lengths of the hose itself.

More about the product

Heed 3 is designed in the same way as its sister product Spare Air, which is well known within the diving market and is used as an emergency rescue for divers. The product is robust and made for harsh environments. It also works to breathe from it - even if the bottle with the valve should be upside down.

Over 300,000 units of the Heed 3 have been sold in various versions worldwide since 1979, and it has been used and approved by the US military for the past 25 years.

The valve on the top has a "purge" button, which either cleans or empties the bottle if it is held in long enough. You can breathe straight from the valve without any preparation.

On top of the valve there is also a manometer that gives an accurate indication of how much air is left in the bottle.

The product can be supplied with a holster for use on vests etc. and an adapter for filling (either DIN, yoke or nozzle for compressor).

Features and characteristics

# Provides life-saving air necessary to safely get out of a helicopter etc. that is under water or other vehicles that end up in the water

# Ideal for all helicopters, small planes, seaplanes, jet skis and vehicles that operate around water (or that may end up underwater in an emergency)

# Protects personnel from inhaling dangerous and deadly toxic fumes from fire or smoke (Heed 3 is also suitable during flight)

# Simple, with a compact design that is less complicated to use and repair than competing models

# Is always ready for use. The mouthpiece is placed directly in the mouth without any preparation

# To be refilled from an air compressor or diving bottle (we have various adapters available)

# Includes custom holster/holster to attach to a modular vest (other solutions can be customized)


# Manufacturer's item number: 175-001-CE

# Length: 22.23 cm

# Diameter: 5.71 cm

# Weight: 687 grams

# Pressure: 3000 PSI [200 BAR]

# Volume of the bottle: 1.7 cu ft / 0.481 liters

# Material: anodised aluminum in black colour

# Valve type: balanced single first stage

# Pressure relief: integrated in the valve (regulator on top of the bottle)

# Operational temperature: - 30°C to +70°C

# Duration of air supply: approximately 30 breaths (at surface level)

# Altitude restrictions: Heed 3 has been tested to 35,000 feet, i.e. approx. 10,500 meters

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