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McNett / Gear Aid

GA Aquasure+FD repair kit

GA Aquasure+FD repair kit

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Gear Aid Aquasure FD repair kit is a repair kit/maintenance package for smart and quick repairs on rubber, latex, neoprene and the like. The package contains a tube of Aquasure contact adhesive 7 g, McNett's ingenious Tenacious tape (1 sheet of 7.6 cm with clear color and 2 sheets of 7.6 cm with black color), a small brush for application and a plastic glove (see product images for a full overview of the contents of the package).

Gear Aid Aquasure® FD is the glue for permanent repairs on almost all water sports equipment. Can be used on dry suits, wet suits and other equipment used in contact with water.

About Aquasure®
McNett Aquasure® is adhesive made of elastic Urethane mass, which does not become completely rigid when it hardens. It is a typical contact adhesive that can be used on just about anything. Aquasure® is also an industry standard for maximum efficiency repairs to wetsuits, drysuits, water sports equipment,

How to use the glue?

fishing, and kayaking, rubber boots and hundreds of things for outdoor use or in the household. Faster cure (hardening) with Gear Aid cure accelerator 30 ml.

First clean the area (applies especially to dry suits) you are going to seal or glue (you can use hardener, alcohol etc.). Latex (cuffs) should be "brushed" down with a little sandpaper to get a less smooth surface before gluing. Apply (using the brush supplied) approximately a 2mm thick layer evenly outwards and preferably use hardener Cotol-240™ to get a thinner mass that lays more neatly and dries faster.

Aquasure can also be used to reinforce seams on wetsuits, neoprene gloves, wet socks etc

Aquasure® is perfect for larger jobs, and better suited than neoprene glue on, for example, larger tears in wetsuits, rips in gloves, wet shoes, waders, tents, rafts, freediving buoys, rubber boots, etc.

Aquasure® is easy to use, and can be used again and again for maintenance and repairs. The tube can be stored in a fridge or freezer to prevent it from drying out. You can also squeeze the glue closer to the cork after use to prevent unnecessary air getting into the tube. Not least, it's a good idea to put all of the glue in a zip-lock bag between each use.

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