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McNett / Gear Aid

GA Zip tech zip wax

GA Zip tech zip wax

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Gear Aid Lubricant stick, formerly McNett Zip Tech, is a high-quality zip wax that lubricates everything from drysuits, wetsuits, waterproof bags ++

The most effective zipper lubricant on the market. A sluggish and stiff zipper can be quite annoying when you need it to work, and hard physical use quickly causes the zipper to break. Gear Aid lubricant zipper wax both lubricates, protects and leaves a zipper that slides like a dream, whatever the conditions. 100% environmentally friendly lubricant based on an effective formula.

Gear Aid lubricant zipper stick does more than just lubricate, it leaves a smooth finish that keeps the zipper easy to close/open. The coating that settles after use ensures less oxidation, and also protects against rust, chlorine, corrosion, salt water and things that generally contribute to a shorter lifetime of the latch.

This is also the most effective lubricant on plastic zips, which are increasingly used on dry kites for kayaking, surfing and diving during the day.

Properties and functions

  • Comes in 2 sticks/tubes with lubricant of 4.8 grams (9.6 grams in total)
  • Highly effective lubricant for waterproof and airtight zips
  • Not only lubricates, but protects against corrosion, oxidation, rust, chlorine, sun and salt water
  • Contains no toxic substances and is 100% environmentally friendly
  • After use, it leaves a film that protects against sand, dirt and organic waste that can damage the zipper and the surrounding materials
  • Does not contain silicone or paraffin

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