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McNett / Gear Aid

GA silicone spray 500 ml

GA silicone spray 500 ml

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Silicone spray from Gear Aid. Silicone Lubricant comes in a roughly 500 ml spray can. Effectively lubricates everything from o-rings, gaskets, knives, and generally all equipment for water sports, outdoor activities, cycling and diving. The product was previously called McNett silicone spray.

Lubricates and protects rubber and the like against everything from salt, corrosion, rust etc. Will also give new life to neoprene and rubber products. For freedivers and underwater hunters, it is great to use on elastics for harpoons or Hawaiian slings to give the elastics a longer life. Sunlight and salt water will dry out rubber over time, so that it becomes brittle, darkens and eventually cracks or smokes. Can also be used to get into open cell suits more easily.

Has an incredible number of uses, and is just like neoprene glue, silicone grease and contact glue almost essential to have in your diving bag or in the sports stall.

Protection and lubrication of equipment is clearly less expensive than dry o-rings or gaskets that crack, such as on a valve set or underwater housing for a camera.

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