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GA Seam Grip + WP glue 28 g

GA Seam Grip + WP glue 28 g

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Gear Aid Seam Grip WP is an adhesive that is very effective on outdoor hiking gear, and especially on tents (not silicone-coated nylon). A seam sealer that keeps moisture out. With a simple tube of 28 grams, you can seal and seal a full 3.7 meters of seams in either a tent, tarp, awning, canopy ++

Gear Aid Seam Grip WP also comes in a variant with 2 smaller tubes of 2 x 7 grams.

The glue acts as a permanent sealant and will keep seams on your hiking equipment guaranteed to be waterproof.

When gluing, for example, a tent, the curing time is between 8 - 12 hours. Make sure to have the material on a flat surface and leave the underside facing up. If the tent is very dirty, wash it first with Gear Aid Pro Cleaner.

Seam Grip can also be used together with patching equipment to effectively seal holes in materials such as vinyl, nylon and canvas. A tube of Seam Grip in the rucksack, so you always have something that can fix holes, leaks and tears.

  • Durable - Tough urethane formula permanently bonds to tents, awnings, camping gear and even PVC plastics

  • Waterproof - Offers a waterproof seal that won't peel or crack over time, keeping adventurous hikers warm and dry

  • Flexible - hardens into thin rubber that can be bent with the equipment. The glue result does not become hard or stiff

  • Durable - Makes a permanent repair that resists scratches

  • Used for everything - all types of "outdoor" textiles, including: nylon, vinyl, leather, canvas and polyester

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