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McNett / Gear Aid

GA SEA GOLD anti-fog 37 ml

GA SEA GOLD anti-fog 37 ml

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Gear Aid SEA GOLD is an award-winning highly concentrated anti-fog agent that is undoubtedly the most effective on the market. Specially developed with a highly effective formula to prevent fogging in the mask. Rub the agent well on the mask glasses, the longer it is left on the better, and rinse the mask with water before putting it on. The product should not be used in swimming goggles.

When you freedive, snorkel or dive underwater, the last thing you want is fog and mist in your mask. It ruins the whole experience, and good visibility is always important. GA SEA GOLD gives you crystal clear vision out of the mask glass and saves the trip!

The difference between Sea Gold and Sea Drops
Sea Gold is slightly more gel-like and thicker in consistency than Sea Drops. It is also extra effective in colder water than Sea Drops, and has a slightly longer lasting effect. Sea Drops aren't bad either, but are again even better in warmer water and pools. There are small differences between the two, but in the right environment the difference can be decisive.

Because of the gel-like consistency, Sea Gold will also sit better in successive dives. The formula Gear Aid (formerly McNett) uses on Sea Gold is completely unique on the market.

Why use anti-fog and how do you use it?
Unnecessary some say, and just spit in the mask others say. Saliva in the mask also works, but it is nowhere near as effective as GA Sea Gold. Here you have a specially developed formula for the very purpose of preventing fogging, and it is without a doubt the best option.

The effect of anti-fog works best when the agent is allowed to sit a little on the glass (always rub it in well), and if you rinse in fresh water. Rinse the mask well, and rub the product in properly with your fingers. Always leave the product in the mask for as long as possible before rinsing, for the best possible effect. However, anti-fog works no matter how shortly before the dive you apply it.

Is the mask brand new? Use a little toothpaste to remove the thin layer of silicone (supplied with all factory new masks). Rub the mask well with your finger under water. You can also "burn" away the thin silicone layer with a lighter. But, here you have to be careful not to burn for too long.


  • Anti-mist (fog) that both works and stays for a long time. Comes in a 37 ml bottle, and it lasts a long time. You only need a drop or two in each glass in the mask each time approximately.
  • Completely safe to use, and does not wear on the mask or the glass in any way.
  • Contains no harmful agents, no alcohol and is 100% environmentally friendly. Also removes all bacteria.
  • Fast, easy and effective!
  • Works well in both cold and hot water.
  • Not recommended for use in swimming goggles. Here there is a separate remedy from Gear Aid called Goggle Bright .
  • Is not harmful to the silicone or plastic on the mask itself.
  • Tip! Can also be used on full masks for diving, visors, telescopes and binoculars.
Outdoor life and the environment
At Frivannsliv we are concerned about the environment and therefore we do not use packaging and blister packs on products if it can be avoided. We therefore only sell loose bottles of Sea Gold.
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