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GA REVIVEX® shampoo for wetsuit 250ml

GA REVIVEX® shampoo for wetsuit 250ml

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A wetsuit is exposed to substances that cause wear and tear, and it eventually begins to smell. That is why GA REVIVEX® suit shampoo and cleaner is an important product . Salt, organic material, fuel residues and heavy metals and chlorine (if you use the suit in a pool) are some of the things it is exposed to.

Do you often get rashes and irritated skin after diving?
Many who dive and snorkel will eventually experience irritated and red skin after diving. This can itch and be bothersome. It is usually bacteria, organic residues and biological waste that settle in the neoprene. Just think of everything that is actually in the water.

Test winner time and time again
So why this particular product? What about the environment? Gear Aid suit shampoo and cleaner has a highly effective formula specially developed to remove "biological waste", and is a test winner time and time again. The product is 100% environmentally friendly and breaks down without harming people, animals or the environment. It cleans effectively without irritating the skin.

Use and areas of use
The wet suit shampoo is easy to use. Pour water into a tub/bucket or bathtub. Pour in two caps (approx. 15 ml) per four liters of water and mix well. Rinse and clean with a little muscle power and hang the suit/equipment to dry.

The product can be used on wetsuits, drysuits (diving/paddling), triathlon suits (swimsuits), waders, neoprene mittens and gloves, bicycle socks and neoprene shoes, wetsuit hoods, Rashguards and other Lycra products.

Tip! If the garment has not been washed/cleaned for a long time , GA REVIVEX® Odor Eliminator (formerly called McNett Mirazyme) can be added to the water. This provides extra effective odor removal.

PS! McNett has changed its name (including profiling) to Gear Aid, so all products are now marked with GA (Gear Aid), but the products are completely identical.

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