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GA REVIVEX® UV protective spray, 120ml

GA REVIVEX® UV protective spray, 120ml

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Gear Aid REVIVEX® UV Protectant Spray protects textiles and equipment against damage from the sun over time. UV rays from the sun can really damage, for example, a kayak, a tent, a drysuit and you can see the color clearly fading. Formerly known as McNett UV Tech, this does the job and increases the life of the equipment!

Regardless of whether the product is made of nylon, plastic, rubber or fiberglass, the sun's UV rays can break it down quickly. Use it on just about any outdoor gear to stop it cracking or fading.

Gear Aid REVIVEX® UV Protectant Spray's specialized formula restores gear to its original appearance by replacing lost softeners, rejuvenating surfaces and brightening colors. When you need sunscreen for equipment, you must use REVIVEX® UV Protectant protection spray. It can be applied both before and after something has been exposed to the sun.

Is also a great product to use on diving equipment that has been left out in the sun a lot to dry. Gives new life to flippers, masks, wetsuits ++

A little simple maintenance of the equipment can save thousands in unnecessary repairs or replacement of equipment that can last longer with proper care.

What Gear Aid itself says

Protects – Fights sun damage and stops cracking of all types of gear including tents, kayaks, and life jackets

Conditions – Restores the color of plastic, vinyl, neoprene, rubber, nylon, and latex to keep it bright and like-new

Powerful – One small bottle prevents can repair fading fabrics, deteriorating rubber and discoloring fiberglass

Reduces Wear – Bring old gear back to life and add years to its overall appearance with an effective UV protectant

Multipurpose – Spray on all gear exposed to sunlight including drysuit gaskets, dive fins float tubes and waders

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