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GA REVIVEX® odor remover 250 ml

GA REVIVEX® odor remover 250 ml

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Gear Aid REVIVEX® Odor Eliminator effectively removes bad odors from diving equipment.

A wetsuit is exposed to substances that cause wear and tear, and it eventually begins to smell. Salt, organic material, residues of fuel and heavy metals and chlorine (if you use the suit in a pool) are some of the things it is exposed to, and if the equipment is not washed/cleaned for a long time, this gives off a bad smell.

Use and areas of use
The product contains a highly effective formula with a mixture of natural enzymes that effectively removes bad odours. Organic waste, bacteria, dirt, grime and mold are cleaned away. The product is 100% environmentally friendly and naturally degradable in the environment.

GA REVIVEX® Odor Eliminator can be used on all neoprene products, e.g. wetsuits, gloves, mittens, socks and hoods. It is also sold in sports shops for use on hiking equipment such as boots, waders, clothing, etc.

The 250 ml bottle is pretty easy to use, and can be used around 16 to 25 times depending on the dosage. Two corks (15 ml) hold 75 liters of water.
Odor Eliminator is a special product for effective removal of bad odours.

GA REVIVEX® SHAMPOO is recommended for general washing and cleaning of equipment.

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