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Demo: Cressi Knight snorkel mask, full face mask size M/L

Demo: Cressi Knight snorkel mask, full face mask size M/L

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Demo: Exhibition model with a few signs of wear. The protective film on the front of the glass is still on and intact.

After we launched the full face mask Duke from Cressi in 2021, it was received with very good feedback.

This year comes the Cressi Knight full mask, which is exactly the same mask. The only difference is that Knight is made with soft plastic, rather than silicon, which makes it more affordable.

Cressi Knight still seals just as well against the face, but you get more comfort with a Cressi Duke mask.

It comes in 2 sizes, S/M fits juniors and women with narrow faces and M/L fits men and women with a slightly wider face shape.

Cressi Knight

The mask is of high quality and allows you to breathe effortlessly through your nose and mouth. It has a very good field of vision, safety valve to get rid of water and it has an anti-fog system. Cressi's full face masks cannot be compared to typical affordable snorkelling masks. This product is safe and tested.

NB: Full face masks should never be used for freediving or diving, this is exclusively a snorkeling product that is used on the surface. We at Frivannsliv have thoroughly tested this product together with a number of similar products. This is the full mask we can recommend. Children under the age of 10 should not use this mask.

The full face mask comes packed in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging.

Features and characteristics

  • Quality product that cannot be compared with affordable full face masks
  • LARGE field of view
  • Modern mask with completely new ventilation system that removes CO2 (this has been a problem with simple snorkel masks - which we still warn against using)
  • Cressi Knight has a 30% larger field of vision than other snorkel masks on the market
  • Air system that prevents dew and fogging
  • A valve at the bottom ensures that excess air is emptied, and the snorkel is significantly larger than on simpler snorkel masks. Here you can empty the mask properly.
  • The snorkel is completely dry, and water will not enter from the top
  • Very comfortable design that fits well in all face shapes
  • Weight of the mask is 600 grams

This video is also relevant for the Cressi Knight full mask, as they are built exactly the same:

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