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Cressi DIGI 2, digital bottom timer

Cressi DIGI 2, digital bottom timer

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Brand new digital bottom timer from Cressi with extremely legible numbers and backlight in the display.

Is very compact and weighs only 122 grams. A digital depth gauge that is both extremely reliable, simple and very solid.

Very well suited as a reasonable alternative to a dive computer, as a back-up instrument (if you have a main computer on your arm), and absolutely perfect instrument for professional actors, such as professional divers or rescue divers.

The battery on the DIGI 2 can be easily changed by the user, without the need for special tools.

Data and information

During the dive, you get the following information directly on the Cressi DIGI 2 from the bottle:

# The bottle pressure is constantly displayed with 3 digits (with an accuracy of 0.1 BAR) from 0 to 340 BAR

# Depth is constantly displayed with 1 decimal place (the unit goes down to 120 meters in total)

# It constantly shows the maximum depth during the dive (and also shows the maximum depth from the previous dive when the bottle pressure is turned on)

# Constant dive time is also displayed, as well as remaining bottom time (until reaching 50 BAR again). The time for the remaining bottom time is updated every 1 second according to the rhythm of the breathing. Which is a rather unique feature on such an instrument

# Temperature

Technical specifications and functions

# The depth gauge comes with a hose and is delivered in a compact housing of 5x6cm

# ABS-resistant, which withstands drops and a lot of beating. Very solid construction.

# LARGE and easy-to-read numbers on and crystal-clear screen/display

# Background light

# Comes in 6 different colors (pictured above) - can be delivered in; solid black, grey, pink, red, blue and white

# You can also easily change the color of the houses themselves

# Depth gauge from 0 - 120 meters

# Tank pressure indicator 0 - 340 bar

# Water temperature indicator -10 / + 50 ° C

# Works autonomously up to 1000 hours of diving and it has a long battery life (with regular CR2450)

# Indicator when the battery is getting low

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