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ONLY Sentry Pro Dry size L

ONLY Sentry Pro Dry size L

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Outlet: Dry suit in size L, shoes in size XL. Antares and P-port.

BARE's brand new Sentry Pro Dry, together with the women's version Guardian, is a continuation of BARE's wetsuits in compressed neoprene (XCD2, XCS2).

If you've been looking for the one diving drysuit that does it all - you've found it!

Sentry Pro Dry combines thermal (insulation) and operational (performance) properties that satisfy the requirements of everything from professional divers, technical divers and recreational sports divers. Tremendous durability meets the flexibility and comfort of a thin tropical wetsuit.

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Sentry Tech Dry is constructed with Yamamoto(!) neoprene, which is normally used in typical elastic wetsuits for swimming and freediving. With such a construction, you get both durability, high resistance to compression, and not least a stretch/softness in the fabric that you almost just have to experience. The dry suit also comes with BARE's new and improved No Stitch Technology (NST) which makes the Sentry Tech one of the most robust suits in the BARE line.

Dry suit with Yamamoto neoprene (never more rigid neoprene without mobility)

BARE's designers have delivered a drysuit for diving that combines a unique mix to create the best. A carefully selected Yamaoto neoprene that is extra solid (high density), but also "hyper-compressed" so you don't experience squeeze when you go deep. An outer layer of Kanako also makes the suit extra robust, and considerably increases the dry suit's lifespan and durability. Kanako on the outside also gives the suit a comfort not normally associated with neoprene suits.

This technology makes suits without a single seam stitch. Instead, seams are double-glued and heat taped inside and out. This BARE exclusive delivers superior performance and maximizes the life of your drysuit or wetsuit by eliminating holes in the neoprene from stitching. NST can be found on all neoprene drysuits, and on the Reactive wetsuits.

Benefits and features

* ONLY its unique and now upgraded NST (No Stitch Technology) for extra solid construction on seams

* Anatomically correctly shaped torso, arms and legs provide an optimal and natural fit

* Collar ("Smart Collar") in soft 2mm neoprene with smooth skin

* YKK plastic zipper which provides both a low profile and light weight

* Completely new redesign of BARE's Tech pockets (can be supplied as an option)

* Extra long and very robust protection on knees/legs

* ATX (Automatic Torso X-Tension System) which provides tension between the upper and lower part of the suit in a completely new way

* Supplied with ONLY Tech boots

* Suspenders are included mounted inside the suit

Technical specifications

* Compressed 2mm Yamamoto neoprene (high density and super compressed)

* Kanako outer layer which provides increased wear resistance, longevity and softness (comfort)

* NST technology on all seams

Design your own suit

Beyond this, Sentry Pro Dry has all the usual properties ONLY their drysuits are known for. It can be supplied in three different colors (black, blue and red), and can be supplied with different types of cuffs, pockets, reinforcements, ring system, fixed hood etc.

The suit is also available in both a women's version (Guardian) and a variant with a front zip (Sentry Tech Dry).

Contact us or a dealer for more information.

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