The sea hunter - Rules and information

Are you this year's most versatile underwater hunter?
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New in 2024
  • Only one catch per species can be registered.
The purpose of this activity is to promote sustainable and versatile harvesting from the sea, as well as link the underwater hunting environment from Kristiansand in the south to Alta in the north.
With a long and exciting coast , the catches vary a lot in the different parts of the country . One can only dream of finding halibut south of Trøndelag, and cod bigger than a kilo is a long way off when you get south of Stavanger. Further south in the country, more and more species are arriving, such as St. Peter's fish and sea bass, as well as a wide selection of flounder fish hidden on the sand.
The aim of this logging of catches is to show exactly the great diversity of food our sea has to offer. In Havjegeren, it is not the biggest fish that is the focus, but as great a diversity of species as possible. Mastering several species, and thus several forms of hunting, is a great way to develop as underwater hunters - throughout the year. Sink your food straight from the sea with width between different species - while you participate in a joint activity with underwater hunters from all over the country - Havjegeren.

Hopefully, it can motivate more people to get into the lake more often, learn more about their own local area, and take a trip to new hunting grounds and make new acquaintances around the country. New species can also provide exciting dinners that can be shared with friends and acquaintances.
The sea hunter runs for a whole year, and should not be a stressful moment for those who take part, only inspiration to learn more and become more skilled gatherers. Having said that, there is nothing to prevent combining this with a bet in the group of friends where the loser, for example, has to take a small New Year's bath when last year's list is nailed down?
And as extra motivation, Frivannsliv also offers prizes at the end of the year for the top 3 , as well as a trophy (Ocean Hunter of the Year) !
1st place: Gift card NOK 2,500
2nd place: Gift card NOK 1,500
3rd place: Gift card NOK 500
Remember to register the catch as soon as possible.
Maybe there will also be some smaller prizes along the way, who knows ;)
Rules :
Each species gives 1 point per registration , and weight has nothing to do with this competition! A 50 kilo halibut therefore counts as much as a 900 gram plaice, or a scallop for that matter. There is a maximum of one valid fish/shellfish per species so you can get a maximum of one points during the year for each species. All catching must take place by underwater hunting (freediving) in Norwegian waters.
The exceptions are as follows:
  • If someone gets a new species approved on the Norwegian record list, this will give two bonus points, in addition to one point for the fish.
  • If a new Norwegian record is taken, this will also give two bonus points, in addition to one point for the fish. If the diver has already caught two fish of the species for which the record is being taken, the diver will still be able to get two bonus points for having broken a Norwegian record.
  • All catches must be reported no later than 7 days after the date of catch.
  • You can register two plastic collections with 1kg of plastic. Each registration gives 1 point.
All species entered must be within the national minimum and maximum e-targets. For species without a national minimum size, the minimum weight is 300 grams for fish to be approved. Download the app Fritidsfiske from the Directorate of Fisheries to see the various maximum and minimum targets and other protections.
  • All catches that are registered must be registered with the species name, and a photo that clearly shows the catch.
  • All catch must be eaten, as with everything else taken during hunting 😋
If two or more divers end up with the same score, the following happens:
1. If one of the divers has more species than the others, this person wins.

UV hunter















In the example above, Per will win, as he has more species. Line will come in second place , even with the same number of points.
2. If there are several divers with the same score, and the same number of species, the diver with the most new registered species on the record list will win. In other words, species that have not previously been registered . If no one has registered new species, or there are the same number per diver, the one with the most new Norwegian records in the last year will win.

3. If it is still the same, the place - and the prize - will be shared. The trophy will be temporarily awarded to the diver with the highest score after 31 January of the following year , and will become the permanent property of the diver with the highest score at the end of year one .

Registration of catch
Fill in this form , simple and straightforward. Use the email address you log in with at You can see all your registrations on My Side at
The registrations are checked by a jury. Once a month, the jury will publish a list of results with those leading the competition
The jury consists of:
Aksel Engebråten Ørstavik (leader of the sea hunter competition)
Simen Wilberg (From Frivannsliv AS)
Iben Engebråten Ørstavik (Jury member)
If there are any questions, just ask our freediving forum or contact Aksel via e-mail, aksel.orstavik(at) . For questions by email , it is good to specify it in the subject field so that it is easier to find them.

Lots of luck!!

Current fishing species on the record list as it stands on 1 January 2024. New species that are approved give points. Other shells++ than those listed do not give points.











Shell tusk

Marsupial crab

Glass answer



Troll crab

Sea bass



King crab

Sea eel

Toad cod

St. Peter fish

Pacific oysters

Horny throat


Horse mackerel







Red growl

Thick-lipped mullet



Sand flounder





Mountain gilt






Not current species

Not current species

Wrasses besides Berggilt. (Blue steelhead, red bill, etc.)

All skater and shark species.

Species that are protected for recreational fishing

Roe crackers


Do you want to hear more about the Sea Hunter? In the episode JAW below, Simen talks about the concept and gives a deeper insight into what/why/how Havjegeren came about and what the vision is.

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