HALO 3D - Teknisk plagg til bruk under skalldrakt

HALO 3D - Technical garment for use under a shell suit

Fourth Element Halo 3D works perfectly on its own for summer and autumn diving, or together with two extra layers underneath in winter and spring. The Vamsen is made in high-quality Polartec materials with SpaceTek panels in exposed areas. These non-compressible panels create an air pocket between the suit and the diver that insulates and transports moisture extremely well.

Halo 3D is in use by several departments in the Norwegian Armed Forces and several other countries. So that you hopefully don't have to google yourself to death, we'll throw in some terminology clarification below.


Shell suit : English "membrane suit"; common term for trilaminate suits.
Trilaminate : Material type consisting of 3 layers, usually nylon, butyl, nylon (Trilam Tech, X-mission and Expedition). If you look at the Bare Aqua-Trek suit, this suit has a PU core instead of butyl. This has been done to reduce the material weight. PU core typically has slightly poorer wear resistance than Butyl
Butyl core = Rubber-based intermediate layer that creates a waterproof seal.

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