Freediving Festival 2023

Welcome to the Freediving Festival 2023

28 September - 1 October 2023

It is a real pleasure to already be able to open registrations for the Freediving Festival 2023! After a terrifically handsome festival in 2022, we hope to see many familiar faces and just as many new ones in 2023. Sign up at the bottom of the page or via this link.

The free diving festival is organized by Frivannsliv. We rent several boats, boats, conference rooms and restaurants so we can enjoy our hobby to the fullest. During the day, we split into groups and set out on freediving adventures. Then we gather in rowboats, hot tubs, sloop rooms or common areas for good food and drink in the evening. Click here for a map of the route to Kvalheim Leisure.

Freediving Festival 2022


14.00 Check-in opens at Kvalheim Fritid
20.00 Welcome and joint meeting in Matrosen (room). Here we go through driving rules for the festival, safety, food and assess weather reports/hiking areas.

We dive in groups from boat and car during the day. There will be various themed trips, so whether you want to try your hand at underwater hunting, collect crabs, shells or simply enjoy a fantastic sea area through free diving, we have a trip ready for you.

In the afternoon, there will be joint training in filleting fish and cleaning shells.

A new day of diving and underwater hunting before we gather for the sea's gala dinner in the Kapteinen restaurant from 8pm. Here it will be the sea's cold table with crayfish, prawns, crab and good drinks. The bar is open and you cannot enjoy takeaway.

The last day of the festival. We clear our areas and bows and turn our noses towards home. For those who want to take a diving trip, there is of course the possibility of doing so, but the festival is formally finished at 10.00 on Sunday.

Safety rules during the festival:

  • All participants must have completed a valid freediving course
  • Mandatory use of safety lines and buoy with signal flag-A.
  • No one dives alone and everyone in each housing unit has a common plan on who dives where and when they return.
  • All diving takes place at your own risk. Frivannsliv organizes activities but is not responsible for what happens outside the area of ​​Kvalheim Fritid where the festival is held.

The festival often sells out, so register early to secure your place. You choose which rorbu/house you want to live in.

See information sheet for all participants here.