Zone3 - verdensledende på triathlonutstyr

Zone3 - world leader in triathlon equipment

Elite athlete and world champion James Lock started Zone3 at Loughborough University in 2006, with the desire to create the very best equipment for cycling, swimming and running. From its humble beginnings, driven by commitment and passion, Zone3 has grown to become Europe's leading triathlon and swimming brand.

Because innovation and quality have been important, the products from Zone3 have received many awards and accolades, and are ranked as the best-performing brand on the market, both by private individuals and the media. In 2018, Zone3 was awarded the "Queen's Award Of Business Enterprise" for the results they had achieved as a company, and the work to develop both the products and the sport continues.

Products and environmental considerations

The equipment should never limit experience and performance. Whether you swim in a pool or the sea, for recreation or training, the equipment must do the job. The suits from Zone3 have received awards on several occasions which show that the quality exceeds the price. The Advance beginner suit was voted the best beginner suit by 220 Thriathlon Magazine, and the Vision, the world's fastest beginner suit, received the gold award with 5/5 stars in Thriathlon Plus magazine.

The development of more environmentally friendly materials is important for Zone3 , therefore neoprene is used which is made/derived from limestone and recycled rubber tyres, water-based glue and lining which is made from recycled polyester.

Time line

1998-2003 - The story of the owner
Founder James Lock is a national (England) professional swimmer and runner, starting at Loughborough University on a Triathlon scholarship.

2006 - The start of Zone3
James completes a degree as an architect and starts up Zone3 at the same time as he starts his career as a professional triathlete.

2009 - The first products are launched
The first wetsuits are launched, including Aspire and Aquaflo, together with the very first swimming shorts with buoyancy. The Vanquish wetsuit is taking the world by storm with performance that surpasses leading wetsuit models.

2010 - The accolades start coming
"200 Magazine" gives the Aspire wetsuit 10/10 in its review.

2012 - London 2012
Zone3 is launching a new expensive wetsuit exclusively for Harrods, sponsoring The Gambia at the Olympic Games.

2013 - London Triathlon
Zone3 becomes the main collaboration partner for the London Triathlon.

2014 - Expansion to other countries
Sales are growing and expanding to include Scandinavia and the USA.

2015 - Zone3 reaches new heights
Zone3 becomes the best-selling triathlon brand at several high-profile retailers.

2017 - Growth
The number of employees exceeds 20, and good reviews are pouring in.

2018 - Queen's Award
Worldwide growth is recognized by Queen Elisabeth, and Zone3 is awarded the "Queen's Award Of Business Enterprise".

2019 - Winners
Zone3 launches a new fitness and compression collection, winning "wetsuit and trisuit of the year awards".

2020 - Covid and ocean swimming
With covid comes fewer swimming and triathlon events, but ocean swimming is becoming more popular.

2021 - Increased demand
The demand for swimming and triathlon equipment is increasing and Zone3 is becoming a key partner for USA Triathlon.

2022 - Continued success
A new year with solid sales and the launch of the new Vanquish X and Aspire wetsuits.

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