Viktig informasjon om ditt nye utstyr til fridykking

Important information about your new freediving equipment

We ask that you watch the videos and read this page thoroughly before trying out your new equipment. In this way, you can be sure that the equipment you receive fits you, is used correctly and safeguards your option for exchange and return should the need arise. If you have not taken a course, we also ask you to read this article on how to make freediving a safe hobby.

A video introduction to the equipment

Avoid damage to the suit and equipment to be able to use our equipment guarantee

We let all our customers try out all the equipment at home in the shower, before making a decision and taking the equipment into the sea. This way you can check that the size of the suit, socks, gloves and flippers is correct. To be able to use this guarantee, there must be no damage to the equipment.

The most common damage to new wetsuits is cuts in the neoprene on the inside of the suit, caused by sharp nails and too hard handling when taking the suit on and off. You avoid that by being aware of how you take off and put on the suit. Use well with water and a skin-friendly soap. If it is the first time you are going to wear such a wetsuit, you can use a little extra soap. By trying the equipment in the shower first, you usually do not risk damage and wear.

Do not grip the suit with nails on the inside of the suit. Use the palms of your hands to push the suit into place, it's easy! When you know that the suit is suitable, you can be more strict, as micro-cuts and nail marks are not a problem for your use, this is about the possibility of return and then the suit must appear as new.

This photo shows marks from nails that have been pressed into the neoprene. This is completely normal, but must be avoided on suits you are going to return. Such small cuts can easily be glued with neoprene glue.

If any of the equipment or goods do not fit or meet expectations, you can exchange or return them in accordance with our exchange and return guarantee.

Goods that have been used cannot be returned , as long as there is no damage or shortage to the product. We can still help with modification and adaptation of equipment as needed.

If you are unlucky and get damage to the suit during testing, you can still exchange it if it does not fit , but then for an insert that compensates for the damage to the suit which can no longer be sold as a new suit. Normally, the price for damage is NOK 500.

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