Reparasjon og vedlikehold av friluftsutstyr

Repair and maintenance of outdoor equipment

In this article you can read about how to repair and maintain outdoor equipment.

• Tents, sleeping mats and similar outdoor equipment

• Hiking clothes, sleeping bags and technical textiles such as Gore-Tex etc.

The content of this article is based on blog articles and product information from Gear Aid. All photos: Gear Aid (c).

Seal seams or glue damage to nylon fabric (tents, tarps and the like)

• Place the material on a flat surface

• Mix 3ml Pro Cleaner detergent with cold water. Use a wet cloth or sponge and wipe the seams to be repaired.

• Use Seam Grip+WP seam sealer and apply a thin film to the outer seams with the supplied brush (supplied in the 2 x 7g or 28g boxes). (Seam Grip + WP is not intended for silicone coated nylon).

• Allow the glue to harden according to the instructions on the product. If you want to shorten the curing time, the glue can be mixed with GA Cure Accelerator.

• Tip: Put some baby powder over the seams after they have hardened. This is how you prevent the seams from sticking together.

Are you going to repair silicone-coated nylon cloth? Gear Aid SilNylon repair patches are made specifically for this.

Glue/seal leaks on inflatable mattresses, sleeping mats and waders

• Check for the leak by spraying on, or dipping the mattress in soapy water (applies to inflatable mattresses/sleeping mats), and look for bubbles. Wipe and mark the leak, then remove the air from the mattress.

• Clean the area with GA Cure Accelerator or similar product (isopropyl alcohol) and allow to dry.

• Apply a thin layer of GA Aquasure+FD glue and let it harden for 8-12 hours. If you have to make a repair when you're out on a trip and don't have time for the curing process, you need the Aquasure+FD repair kit , which contains both glue and repair patches. Read more under the picture.

If you do not have the opportunity to leave a repair to cure for many hours, then first do the repair as mentioned above. Then do the following:

• Let the glue dry for about 30 minutes until it becomes "sticky".

• Stick on one of the repair apps, the patch should go beyond the gluing.

Repair damage to Gore-Tex® textiles

• Wash the area to be repaired with Pro Cleaner and allow to dry. Remove any loose threads.

• Cut a suitably large patch of Tenacious Tape repair patches and make sure it overlaps the damage with some roominess.

• Glue on the patch and heat the area with a hair dryer (applies only when using the repair patches made especially for Gore-Tex®).

Repair down jackets, ski trousers, hammocks, sleeping bags and similar textiles

• Clean the surface according to the product's washing instructions

• Use a Tenacious tape repair tape (available in several different colors and qualities) and cut to a piece of suitable size

• Stick the patch on the damage and press it into place

• Leave the garment to harden until the next day

Cleaning of life jackets

• Rinse the vest with water

• Fill a container with 5 liters of cold water and add Pro Cleaner or wet suit shampoo . If an area is particularly dirty, you can carefully wipe the area with undiluted detergent, or scrub gently with a soft brush.

• Dip the vest in the water and clean the surfaces with a sponge.

• Let the vest air dry in a dark and well-ventilated place.

• When the suit is dry, it can be sprayed with UV protective spray, for long-lasting protection against fading.

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