Dykkelyktene våre foredragsholdere bruker

The diving lights our speakers use

Frivannsliv has a wide selection of diving lights from Orcatorch, and for us it is important to test our lights. We have had a content-rich webinar about night diving , which you can see in a replay here , and in this article we tell you which setups our lecturers use for diving and freediving in Norway.

Øivind uses these diving lights from Orcatorch when he dives at night

Øivind, freediver

In the mask: D560 with mesh attachment . Brilliant for handling the harpoon in the dark. Light for the way to/from the lake

On the harpoon/backup: D550 . Together with harpoon attachment a good light to keep control of fish. Strong enough to act as a back-up if the headlamp runs out of power. Big plus for the location of the switch (rear), 2 brightness settings and long battery life.

Headlamp: Clever with something that can be adjusted in terms of brightness. Have used various cheaper lanterns, but ended up buying several due to short lifespan/poor quality. Today's main lantern is one D800 (discontinued model) , but this one is ripe for replacement.

Optimal headlamp is D630 in the same setup as Michael. (I am drooling over this because of the brightness, control options and battery life).

Marking on raft/buoy: SD-03

In flagpole: SD-01

Michael uses these diving lights from Orcatorch when he dives at night

Michael , freediver

Primary light : D630 with wrist mount and battery pack mounted on back lead

Mask light : D560

Video light for photos and film : D910V

For marking : SD-01

D550 on harpoon if necessary - otherwise backup light

Setup of diving light on lead vest and wrist. Perfect for night diving.

Vegard at Frivannsliv uses these diving lights from Orcatorch when he dives at night

Vegard, diver

Primary flash: D630
- Lots of light
- Dimmable
- Good slide
- Long battery life
- Battery can be used as a power bank on trips

Backup light 1: D710
- Small and compact
- Lots of light, but is also dimmable, which gives increased battery life if needed.
- Good slide

Backup light 2: D700
- Small and compact
- Lots of light.
- Good slide

Headlamp: D560
- Perfect when you have to work with both hands

Video light on camera: D910V
- Single LED
- Even slide
- Dimmable
- High CRI

Model light: D950
- HUGE amount of light when needed
- Dimmable
- Nice slide
- High CRI

Do you want to know more about diving lights?
Read our complete guide here .

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