Rene og drømmekveita

Pure and dream halibut

Here comes a small bottle post from underwater hunter Rene Sethereng. Most people who do underwater hunting in Norway know very well who this mood bomb from Stavanger is. He always stands up for the community, and he never gives up the search for the fish of his dreams. Nor when he and the rest of the Rogaland freediving and underwater hunting club head for Engleøya and Steigen!

By René Sethereng, 06/09/2017

Rene says:

We dropped off the rest of the traveling party at a wonderful place outside Steigen Sjøhus and took the Caddy out to Batterie Dietl a kilometer further north. Magnus and I agreed that today there was no Ramstein on the radio, so Die Answer was put on with a lot of power on the pop system in the car. This is fixed procedure in the Skoda for HC on the way to the Fosntreffet and we thought it had to be a success here as well.

We put on our suits and agreed on the hunting route. We concentrated on an area with a depth of around 10 meters a few hundred meters from shore between some islets. After about 30 minutes it was there. "There yes! It's nice, maybe 20-30kg" We were well prepared with a metal tech rigged with breakaway fishing line. And I'm glad about that, because the shot went and the halibut took off with both in tow! It must be bigger! Had two more harpoons put in it and drove the knife into the head a number of times.

After an hour we concluded that it was finished and a couple of hours of swimming awaited us. But it was the best two hours me and Magnus have ever swum, there was singing and cheering all the way in! And it was luck that there were no tourists at Batterie Dietel today, because then they would have seen two naked, chubby men dancing a victory dance on the beach.

Fortunately, it fits exactly into a caddy, long version😁

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