Årets største fangster 2022

The year's biggest catches 2022

Every year Frivannsliv presents the biggest catches taken during the year during freediving. See rules for entry and registration at the bottom of the page.

18.48 kg
Length: 154 cm
Place of capture: Tutsna
Date: 17/10-2022
UV hunter: Kim Frandsen
Harpoon: Home-built rollergun 115 cm
Witness: Simon Laigaard, Thomas Høgedal, Per Lauritsen


St. Peter's fish
3.92 kg
Length: 58cm
UV hunter: Thor Bredahl Nielsen
Date: Saturday 3 September 2022
Place of capture: Godøya on Sunnmøre
Harpoon: Omer Cayman ET 90
Witnesses: Fredrik Helgesen, Hans Kristian Mikkelsen, Madeline Gulstrom

Record in underwater hunting for Sanktpetersfisk in 2022

Sea bass
6.02 kg
Length: 84 cm
UV hunter: Aleksandar Gyulev
Witness: Magnus Høyby
Ålesund, 30 May 2022

Record in underwater hunting for sea bass in 2022

8 kg

UV hunter: Magnus Fjelldal
Fosnstraumen 20 May 2022

Record in underwater hunting for lyre in 2022

9.87 kg
UV hunter: Petter M Hovland
Steigen, Nordland, May 2022

Record in underwater catfish hunting in 2022

25.54 kg
UV hunter: Vegar Jensen
Place: Gratangen
Date: 27 March
Harpoon: Tactical Carbon 105
Witness: Kim Andre Larsen
Weight: Silver hook digital 200kg
Harpooned at 14m depth

Record in underwater hunting for cod in 2022

13.42 kg
Length: approx. 110 cm
UV hunter: Kasper August Gade
Date: 18/08/2022
Witness: Karen Forgaard
Location: Rongesundet in Øygarden.
Harpoon: Frivannsliv hunter 95

Record in underwater hunting for whitefish in 2022

6.8 kg
Length: 60 cm
Place of capture: Dolmsundet Marina at Hitra
Date: 17.10.22
UV hunter: Niels Dein
Taken with the hands

Rules for the biggest catches of the year

1. State which type of weight is used, and preferably use a weight approved for buying and selling. Not approved with bathing scales etc.

2. Dive location and date.

3. Weight must be given, preferably also length measurements.

4. Photo of UV hunter and fish in the same photo is an advantage, and in one of the photos the length of the fish must be clearly shown, e.g. with a flipper or measuring stick.

5. At least one witness for weighing.

6. Frivannsliv is free to approve the catch.

If the fish is larger than a registered Norwegian record and you want to have it registered there, the rules for the Record List must be followed. Read more about this here.

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