Årets største fangster 2021

The year's biggest catches 2021

Every year Frivannsliv presents the biggest catches taken during the year during freediving. See rules for entry and registration at the bottom of the page.

Glass answer
1.8 kg
UV hunter: Øivind Johnsen
Dive site: Stord
Date of capture: 18.12.21
Harpoon: Rob Allen Mahi Carbon 70


4.53 kg
UV hunter: Andrei Horev
Dive site: Tysnes
Date of capture: 24.09.21
Harpoon: Salvimar Hero 85

UV hunter: Lidija Vukic
Diving location: Stavanger
Date of capture: 29/08/2021
Harpoon: Granada Fireblade 95


100.4 kg

UV hunter: Rune Tollefsen
Dive site: Steigen
Date of capture: 24/05/2021


7.73 kg
UV hunter: Atle SKaug
Dive site: Tustna
Date of capture: 15/05/2021


10.5 kg
UV hunter: Jon Andreas Bygstad
Place: Øygarden
Date: 1 April 2021


26.07 kg
UV hunter: Erling Boge
Place: Volda
Date: 16.01.2021



18 kg
UV hunter: Ørjan Dyrnes
Location: Kristiansund
Date: 25/01/2021


Rules for the biggest catches of the year

1. State the type of weight used, and preferably use a weight approved for buying and selling. Not approved with bathing scales etc.

2. Dive location and date.

3. Weight must be given, preferably also length measurements.

4. Photo of UV hunter and fish in the same photo is an advantage, and in one of the photos the length of the fish must be clearly shown, e.g. with a flipper or measuring stick.

5. At least one witness for weighing.

6. Frivannsliv is free to approve the catch.

If the fish is larger than a registered Norwegian record and you want to have it registered there, the rules for the Record List must be followed. Read more about this here.

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