Bade- og snorkleutstyr til ferieturen for barn og voksne

Swimming and snorkelling equipment for the holiday trip for children and adults

Are you planning your holiday trip? We have quality equipment for swimming and snorkelling that can make your holiday even better. There is a lot of great equipment to choose from, and we have made suggestions for packing lists for you that are suitable for both the holiday in the south and the summer holiday in Norway.

Boy in a wetsuit bathing on a southern holiday

If you want to read about the characteristics of wetsuits, masks, snorkels and other equipment for snorkeling and water sports, and how to find the equipment that suits you best, you can read about it in this article .

Packing list for small children

If your child uses diapers, we recommend buying a textile swim trunk/bath diaper that is used alone or as extra protection around a normal bath diaper. A soft changing mat that can be rolled up makes it easy to care for the child on the beach. If you also have good swimwear that protects against UV rays and cold drafts, then you are well equipped.

Bath nappy/bathing briefs in textile
Grooming mat that is easy to take with you
Swimming socks or swimming shoes
Swimming suit / wet suit or a life vest which is a useful tool for teaching children to swim
Swimming mask (for children from about 2 years)

Please note that children under the age of 7 should not use the snorkel.

Here is the selection of products for small children

A family swimming from a SUP board on the beach on summer holiday in Norway

Packing list for older children

Older children will like to snorkel, and then a children's diving mask, snorkel and a light wetsuit are great to have. If the child likes to snorkel around the surface or do light dives, short, light flippers are fine to use. Swimming shoes are practical when walking around the beach or by the pool. If the water is warm, a 3mm wetsuit will do, if it is colder (e.g. the Canary Islands in winter), 5mm may be more suitable.

Wetsuit up to 5mm thickness
Bathing shoes
Swimming/diving mask andsnorkel
(snorkels must not be used by children under 7 years of age, read about safety rules here )
Flippers (bathing shoes are not used in the flippers)

Here you can see all the snorkelling products for children and juniors

Children snorkelling on summer holiday in Norway

Packing list for adults

Wearing a really good wetsuit makes a big difference, regardless of whether you are swimming, snorkelling or surfing. The wetsuits we sell have a good cut, solid zips and water locks that delay water ingress into the suit.

When you're going out and about, it's good to bring flippers that aren't too big. If they are going to be right on the foot, we recommend choosing those without a heel strap (for snorkelling), but if you want flippers that can also accommodate wet shoes, fins with a heel strap are used.

Bathing shoes/wet shoes are great when you are going to the beach or if you are going to do water sports. Here there are many different models to choose from.

• A good wetsuit up to 5mm thick
Diving mask and snorkel
• Short, light flippers and/or swimming shoes

Here you can see all the snorkeling products for adults

Ladies with ONLY a wetsuit, diving mask and snorkel on a southern holiday

Wetsuits hanging to dry on the beach

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