Mini-reisebrev: Gråvær i Lofoten

Mini travelogue: Gray weather in Lofoten

With family in Lofoten, we have encountered the island kingdom in all kinds of weather, but we have often been lucky with sun and warmth, not least because in recent years we have only been there in summer. This summer, however, the Lofoten holiday started with gray weather.

Text and photo: Ida Strand


Gray weather, but swimming nonetheless.



But it's actually okay that the weather isn't at its best. We had packed everything from oil rent to shorts, and next week, according to the weather forecast, it looks like we can change from one to the other. In any case, Lofoten has plenty to offer!

We collect summer treasures on the shore and go on short walks for small children's feet, visit cozy fishing villages, the children have tasted seagull eggs and been served delicious fish soup, and we have spent time with family.


Summer treasures from the shore.

View of Nusfjord.


Gull eggs and other local food on the menu at Anitas Sjømat on Sakrisøy.


Cousins ​​each with a bouquet of flowers. Fishing hatches with cod heads to dry in the background.

But today, on day three of gray weather, the man said to the children: "Now we're going to bathe" and they didn't mind praying! He, almost 3 years old, and he, almost 5, put on wetsuits and hats and boots and then they were ready for the beach. The fantastic Lofot beaches!

Down on the beach I took off my boots and hat, and even if we had forgotten wet socks there was no obstacle!

...At the weekend there will be freediving in Vesterålen for us adults and we are looking forward to it!


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