Flaskepost - kunsten å lage fiskesuppe på stranden med barn

Bottle mail - the art of making fish soup on the beach with children

A beautiful day by the Hardangerfjord. The sun filtered down through the cloud cover, the water was warm, the sand was white, the flounder was slow and in the background Folgefonna could be seen.


There are only two prerequisites for a successful lunch on a Sunday morning:

1. Everything the children want to put in the soup must be included. Mussels, crabs, stone, flounder.

2. Everything must be done in a wetsuit.


- Saute onion in butter and herbs on gas primus.
- Add shells, crabs, plus possibly a large rock.
- Add cream and broth, lemon, salt.
- Finally, the fish.

Served with wholemeal bread, butter and many spoons. Often there are several people on the beach who want to join in eating.

The secret is not what you put in, but what the children put in. They always want to eat what they themselves have helped make. (the more cream, the better.)

As an aperitif and to impress the others on the beach, you can always serve some sea urchin roe with lemon. It is always great for the children to be able to show off what they can do.

The great thing about beach life is that the children can pick up the ingredients for the soup at the depth that suits them.

Jasmin, aged 9, takes responsibility for picking up sea urchins even at 8 metres.
The two aged 6 take responsibility for crabs and mussels. "Daddy is getting the fish."

Written by Natalia Golis (The Mom)

Sincerely, Anders and Natalia

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